The #CookForFamily initiative has attracted more than 100 Singapore bloggers to take part! When I first started this, some had told me 20 was enough, if I could get 80 I would very lucky, now there are over a hundred.

Interestingly, a recent research from Monash University, the National Defence Medical Centre, and the National Health Research Institute Taiwan has also found that people who eat home cooked food tend to live longer.

The study looked at the cooking habits of Taiwanese living independently aged over 65 years, and found that frequent cooking was a significant factor in their health and long life. Cooking at home helped in their mental and physical agility, these elders paid more attention to their nutrition.

The #CookForFamily Initiative
The #CookForFamily is a Singapore food bloggers initiative – there is no competition, sponsors, or hidden agenda involved. It is created with a simple objective of getting more bloggers, and hopefully their fans and followers, to start cooking and bonding with their families.

The bloggers have picked a day in July to cook a meal for their family or loved ones, and will blog, tweet and instagram about their cooking, experience and thoughts all on the same day – 6th August 2012 (Monday), with the hashtag #CookForFamily.

This is likely to be the first bloggers’ group initiative of its kind in Singapore.

The bloggers include singer Cheryl Wee (daughter of Jean Yip), actress Silver Ang, and even two bloggers from Hong Kong. Janice from Hong Kong says she is doing this because we lead such fast-paced lives and eat so much “good food” outside that we forget where our taste were developed – at home!

The 109 Bloggers Who Will #CookForFamily
365days2play (Dawn Huang)
A Juggling Mom (Susan)
A Winsome Life (Melvin & Jacqueline)
A&W Couple’s Blog (Abbey & Will)
Acquisition of Taste (Andy and Ashley)
AiMakan (Hazel Tay)
Alvinology (Alvin Lim)
An Escape To Food (HL Tay)
AnythingAlsoEat (CY)
AromaCookery (Julia Khoo)
AspirantSG (Wee Heng)
Ate Too Much
Calvin Timo
Cheekiemonkie (Kelvin)
Cheryl Wee Xin Hui
Chrispytine (Christine)
Cloudy Windz
Coffee Table People
Cookieologic (Huijin)
Cooksnapeatlove (Jacob Leong)
Cuisine Paradise (Ellena Guan)
Daniel’s Food Diary (Daniel Ang)
Danny Love To Eat (Danny Tan)
Darren Bloggie
Dominique’s Desk (Dominique Goh)
Double Image (Kevin Soh)
Dream2breakaway (Ying Zi)
Dreamers Loft (Meg)
E-tingfood (Janice Leung)
Fighting Fires & Baking Buns
Flora Yeo
Food Friend Or Foe (Brenda)
Food.Recentrunes (Ivan Ng)
Foodie Ah
Foodie’s Kitchen
Foodoshoot (Charlene Chew)
G.Nome Chromosome
Gastronautdiary (David Yip)
Gninethree (Charleen)
HazelHearts (Hazel)
HazelNutLife (Hazel Lam)
HerFelicity (Lirong)
HisFoodBlog (Rayner Ng)
Hpility (Hong Peng)
iisjong (Joey Ong)
J Babies Dad (Isaiah)
Jessie Food Trip (Ong Meng Ching)
Justin Daniel Pereira (Gourmetestorie)
Keropokman (Philip Lim)
Lady J’s Musings (Joanne)
Lazy Foodies (Kayyi)
Le Petit Connoisseur (Stargirl)
Life As I Know It (Juann)
Lobster Paints (Shi Ting)
Lovin Greens (Huiyuan)
Luxury Haven (Shirley Tay)
Maameemoomoo (Sherie)
Mamawearpapashirt (June)
Melicacy (Melissa Koh)
Memoirs Of Food (Daniel Hung)
Mint Leong
Miss Tam Chiak (Maureen Ow)
Miss Tiffany (Tiffany Wong)
MoonBerry (Irene)
Ms SkinnyFat (Cheryl Ng)
Msfoodaholic (Karina Lee)
Mummy Blogs (Sandra Tan)
Pengs Kitchen (Veronica)
Perhaps Always (Samuel)
Pixieprodigy (Calvin Wong)
Pling Thinks (Tracy Chua)
Priscias (Priscilla)
Raising Rock Star
RubbishEatRubbishGrow (Nathanael Ho)
Sakura Haruka
Sarahs Loft (Sarah Khaw)
Seng Kang Babies (Andy)
SgFoodonFoot (Derrick Tan) http:///
Simple Happiness (Christina Teong)
SkiesofLove (Angie)
Slurp (Jason)
Smithankyou (Smith Leong)
Story of Bing
Super Adrian Me (Adrian Eugene Seet)
Superfinefeline (Karen)
Teru2xBozu Goes Hungry
That Silver Girl (Silver Ang)
The Dead Cockroach
The Dessert Prince (Edward)
The Dining Table (Javan)
The Dirty Stall
The Fatty Rie (Siew Lin)
The Food Canon (Terry Wong)
The Food Recipe (Jozel)
The Gingerbread Mum (Adora Tan)
The Hungry Cow (LeRoy)
The Love of my Life, Little DinoEgg (Jenn Lim)
The Super Girl
Twice As Delicious
Velvet Chronicles (Nuramima)
You Got Me Blogging (Razlan)
Yummy Koh (Chris)
Yumyumformytumtum (Peter Oh)

Thank you everybody!

Join The #CookForFamily Initiative
The #CookForFamily Update
The #CookForFamily Update – 97 Bloggers Have Joined!


  1. Looking forward to this.
    And hey, not all parenting bloggers are like the ones you mentioned about not cooking 😛 I for one am one who cooks. Although not very often but I’ve come to enjoy cooking and also I enjoy whipping up dishes cooked with love to nourish the body and soul of my family 🙂

  2. Love this. Though most of the recipes shared here are non-vegan. For me simple vegan recipes posted on my facebook i cook for hubby starting this month. It’s definetly healthier and a blessing to eat homecook food:-)


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