Cupcakes are definitely one of the hottest food craze in Singapore now. Look at the explosion of number of cupcake shops, or confectionaries attempting to sell cakes disguised as cupcakes. On a visit to Swirls Bake Shop off Robertson Quay in the late afternoon, their cupcakes are almost sold clean.

Swirls Bake Shop is an all-American cupcake bakery – think fluffy teacup sized cakes with creamy frostings, probably inspired by the famed Magnolia Bakery that the ladies savour on Sex and the City.

Danish Dada, chief cupcake officer of Swirls, was so fascinated by a red velvet cupcake in the US that he went from San Francisco, LA, San Diego and New York just to search for the perfect one. (Actually sounds like something I would do if I had the money.) He eventually decided to make and sell his own here.

So what’s the verdict? Actually, very good – so good that when I brought a dozen to a party, they were swiped clean. Of course people kept asking where I got them from.

The cupcakes come in two sizes – Go for the tiny ($2.50) or cake pops if you have absolutely no space, but the regular ($3.95) would give you better moisture and feel.

Their best seller is the Red Velvet, a crimson chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Yes, every Singaporean loves a red velvet, but I had better ones elsewhere (Twelve Cupcakes and My Fat Lady). Generally, most of Swirl’s cupcakes are a tad too sweet for me, perhaps I have a lower tolerance.

My personal favourite was the What’s Up Doc – a carrot cupcake which is light and fluffy, yet moist – almost quite hard to achieve. This is one of the best around and I would gladly have it again despite my expanding waistline.

The Very Vanilla Cupcakes, where the vanilla extract is self-brewed from Madagascan bean pods, come in extremely pretty pink and yellow. They are the top choice for office ladies. Oh yes, Swirls offer up to 101 flavours. What are you waiting for?

Swirls Bake Shop
8 Rodyk Street #01-08 (off Robertson Quay) Singapore 238216. Tel: +65 6634 4765
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm

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