Instagram, the photo-sharing app which allows anybody to be a photographer by applying that digital filter, is currently my 3rd favourite iPhone app after FaceBook and WhatsApp. Of course it is better known after Facebook offer $1billion for acquisition.

For some fun facts, it took just 10 months for Instagram to reach the milestone of 150 million pictures uploaded. With 30 million register users, more than 1 billion Instagram photos have been uploaded so far, with 5 million new photos being uploaded each day. But 33% of Instagram users have never uploaded a single photo, and only 5% of users have more than 50 pictures.

The photo which made it to Instagram’s Most Popular Page

I am not credible enough to write “How to gain more Instagram followers”, but can share some of my own fun techniques.

1. I upload only food photos.
After all, I am known as @DanielFoodDiary, and I upload the best 2-3 meals of the day. There are times when I eat something sucky, and no, they never get featured. To me, bad publicity is still publicity. (A question, should I allow more self pics huh?)

Instagram #9ofpride – My favourite local dishes

2. To get more followers, you #hashtag. Some of the Top Instagram Hashtags are …
#tweegram #instagood #photoftheday #instamood #igers #instagramhub #picoftheday #instadaily #bestoftheday #ignation #igdaily #instagramers #webstagram #igaddict #all_shot Yes, use it to gain followers – it works.

3. Some of my favourite Instagram Hastags are …
#danielfooddiary (but of course),
#sgig, #igsg, #sgfood, #instasg, #singapore (all Singapore related),
#food #foodpics #foodporn #instafood #foodies #foodgasm #foodstagram (food related) and
#delicious #yummy #awesome (to describe my food)

Instagram #9ofpride – My birthday cakes 2012

4. I Geotag my photos
The most commonly asked Instagram question is “Where is this ah??”. And in my head I may go, “Geotag above yah!” Geotags are useful because they help keep track where you took your photos, and help others to search.

5. What filter do I use?
Surprise, surprise, I DON’T use Instagram filters. So how do my photos look so bright and cheery? I use my trusted iPhone Camera App Camera+ and make it a point to shoot under good lighting.

6. My favourite Instagrammers are …
I currently follow 198 Instagrammers (mostly my friends), and have to say that @ortega_sg @ieatishootipost and @ieatblog have awesome food photos, celebrities @fannaiaiwong @xiaxue @romeotan are very candid with their personal lives, and @aikbengchia has beautiful photography on the Singapore landscape. @igsg has over 200k followers and picks the best to feature.

Oh yes, this is crazy, but here’s my id, so follow me maybe? @DanielFoodDiary

Instagram #9ofpride – Awesome beautiful desserts

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