The fruit that is described to “taste like heaven, but smell like hell” – Durian is many Singaporean’s favourite fruit, whose name is derived from the Malay word ‘duri’ which means thorn. While a cup of durian can have very high calories (357 calories per cup!), it is said to be rich in phytonutrients and raise serotonin levels, thereby elevating one’s good mood.

Now we know why durians make people happy.

The durian fruit is used to flavour a wide variety of sweet edibles such as traditional Malay cakes, ice kachang, mooncakes and pancakes. Thought you had it all? Here are five strange durian combinations, which can leave you craving for more!

Number 1 – Durian Prata (Available at Plaza Brasserie Park Royal)
Combining two of Singapore’s favourite food, the durian plus prata grouping is really “win already”. Crispy salty on outside, with sweet gooey durian meat in the inside, this is surprising one very powerful reunion. I cheated a little and added more durian penyet. One word – “Power”.

Number 2 – Durian Chee Cheong Fun (Available at House of Rice Roll and Porridge
The durian chee cheong fun ($5.20) is served chilled sprinkled with sugared peanuts. You either love or hate this, it’s either too strange or works well for you. Don’t worry, it is not smelly, though I must say that standard of the durian cheong fun has dropped over the years. It used to come much colder with fleshier fruit which was more ‘shiok’.

Number 3 – Durian Gelato (Available at Alfero Artisan Gelato)
We have possible tried some D24 or Mao Shan Wang ice cream, and Udders serve quite a deliciously wicked scoop that makes it one of its most popular offering. But Durian gelato? Italian foreign talent Marco Alfero shows demonstrates his integration by mixing both D24 and Mao Shan Wang into his creamy gelato. And the result is something probably the Italian mafias would approve of.

Number 4 – Durian Cones (Available at Goodwood Park Hotel)
The pair of mini chocolate and vanilla waffle cones filled with durian mousse delighted almost every girl in the table. So cute and petite. I never imaged anyone using ‘petite’ to describe a durian dessert. You can pop them into your mouth, and wished that it comes in an actual cone size.

Number 5 – Durian Tau Huay (Available at 33 Cold Soya Beancurd, Amoy Food Centre)
Amalak! Durian and Tau Huay?! Not considered impossible since the recent beancurd craze has mutated the original taste of tau huay to include flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, green tea and coffee. The durian tau huay is smooth and reeks of strong flavours of durian, guaranteed to give your breath a different sniff.

Note: Daniel from Daniel’s Food Diary is no durian lover, but risked his breath for this entry. He grew to like durian, in any form but the actual thorny fruit.

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