You know the season of durian is here again, with durian-fanatics rattling off their favourite haunts for Mao Shan Wang, Sultan, Phoenix and D24 at Geylang and Balestier; while the tais tais savour their durian puffs at Goodwood Park.

How about some Durian Chee Cheong Fun? Yikes!

The two is like forbidden love, as if Hong Konger Maggie Cheung falls in love with Singaporean Mark Lee. So wrong right?

Chee Cheong Fun is the Cantonese dim sum dish known as steamed rice roll, called chee cheong because it resembles the small intestine of a pig. Durian is the spikey ugly fruit with the indescribable smell.

The House of Rice Roll & Porridge has moved from a few shops down from 75 to 89 Killiney Road, and I think business has been affected by the shift. (This is irrelevant but 75’s feng shui is kind of bad with Sun Coffee Planet closing soon after, and Big Bank Café struggling to get more business.)

This shop sells the Hong Kong style chee cheong fun, with fillings of unusual lobster ($12.80 wah), tom yum ($8.80), abalone ($7.20), unagi ($6.20) to the more familiar chicken ($4.20) and char siew ($4.20).

The savoury selections are generally try-able, and fans would like its silky slippery skin, generous fillings with the winning Hoisin dark sauce.

The fruit versions come with strawberries, bananas, apples, mango (all $4.00), and durians ($5.20) – mostly served chilled sprinkled with sugared peanuts. You either love or hate this, it’s either too strange or works well for you.

Don’t worry, it is not smelly, though I must say that standard of the durian cheong fun has dropped over the years. It used to come much colder with fleshier fruit which was more ‘shiok’. And the durian meat quite quite ordinary – not top grade.

If durian rice roll is not your cup of tea, the yam cheong fun ($4.00) is a delicious carb-loaded alternative. If not, stick to the safer century egg pork congee ($4.50). That’s not bad lah.

House of Rice Roll & Porridge
89 Killiney Road Singapore 239534 (10 min walk from Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:30am-10:00pm (Mon-Fri), 8:30am-10:00pm (Sat-Sun)

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  1. oh no it was terrible! poisonous even. porridge was served lukewarm. There was hardly any taste. The consistency was akin to craft glue that they attempted to pass off as teng zai chok. 🙁 but they have awesome chilli. i didn’t dare try the chee cheong fun anymore. i’d like to say it was okay la. but…
    have you tried crystal cafe for its porridge buffet just down the road?

  2. Their durian chee cheong fun is very nice.. definitely worth trying If u are a durian lover. Though it appears weird, the taste is not weird at all.

  3. But yes, I agree the standard has dropped If u compare with the past. But If u haven try before, I still think is worth trying! 🙂


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