[Taipei, Taiwan] One of my favourite souvenir candy shop in Taiwan is Sophisca. If you haven’t been there before, be ready to be chuckled by the kind of products you would come across.

Let’s see… Candy bras, edible Sophie sanity pads (my favourite, lol), sweet medicated oil, tasty mahjong tiles, chocolate band aids, and strawberry flavoured condoms – chocolate ones I mean. The box says “Choco is better than sex”. This is crazy I know.

Sophisca started in 1997 as Taiwan’s first specialised candy store, and stands for Smile, Oishii, Personal, High Quality, International, Sentimental, Care and Artlessness. Whatever it means.

They sell some 1,000 varieties of hard and soft candy, marshmallow, chocolate, healthy fruits, and honey — all manufactured in Taiwan, with such cute packaging that you would have thought only the Japanese are capable of.

The chocolates are not top-notch quality, and candies not exactly cheap (I spent more than $30 just buying sweets). But imagine the shock of the birthday boy’s face when he receives sanitary pads, which are in fact candy floss. The look will be priceless.

If you are thinking of getting a box of edible chocolate condoms just to sabotage tease your friends, you may not need to travel to Taiwan anymore – just slightly to the West at Jurong Point. Can I say “Hooray!”

Taiwan: Various branches– Xi Men Ding, Gong Guan, Shi Lin, Jiu Fen, Yong He, Hsin Zhu, Tan Shui, Tai Chung etc
Singapore: 1 Jurong West Central 2 , #B1-80/81/82 Jurong Point Shopping Centre S648331 (Boon Lay MRT), Tel: +65 67928413

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  1. Hi

    Once you entered y this shop, can’t stop buying. Lol. I went to the Yilan shop.

    Can read some of my taiwan trips here: sflow00.wordpress.com

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