>Many have a certain image of Indian restaurants in Singapore – family style, a little backward, selling mainly prata, briyani and curries.

Thus, Zaffron Kitchen (not to be confused with Zaffron at Maxwell Chambers) is a refreshing change from the usual, which my friend calls “Fish & Co Western décor, selling Indian food”.

The colours scheme of orange and grey is bold. There is a designated children’s play corner, and waiters are wearing cleverly crafted aprons that say “Be Naan the Wiser” and “The Devil Eats Prata”. I have to admit that Indian food is not exactly my thing, but I immediately liked this restaurant with a young and colourful vibe.

The trendy style restaurant features a good mix of North, South and local Indian favourites, with goodies such as Chicken Tikka, Naan bread, Tandoor Gobi, Butter Chicken and Tandoori Mixed Grill. Are you salivating yet?

The Dum Chicken Briyani ($11) changed my entire perspective of this dish. Coming looking like cheese-baked rice, the dish is sealed with a thin crisp layer of dough, with a well spiced tender chicken thigh and hard-boiled egg within.

A clever way I must say. The flavours of the spices are locked in, with the rice staying moist and warm. Probably the best local briyani I ever had.

The other sinful dish that deserves your calories is the Butter Chicken, with chicken tikka marinated in a delightful yogurt spice mixture, simmered in a rich tomato, cashew nuts, butter flavoured gravy accented with dry fenugreek. The gravy deserves your lick to the final drop. If you come during lunch, you can have it as a set which includes a drink. Ice limau please.

With a Z added to ‘Saffron’ suggesting a hip and cool factor, this Indian eatery is like no other, and should appeal to the young, executives and families.

Zaffron Kitchen
135/137 East Coast Road, Singapore 341137 (diagonally opp Katong I12)
Tel: +65 6440 6786
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 9:30m (Mon – Fri), 11.30am – 10.00pm (Sat – Sun)
Reserve Online Now – Zaffron Kitchen

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  1. The author seems to be very inexperienced like many here in our Singapore about Indian food. The “Indian food” that we get here is actually “Singaporean/Malay Indian”. The dishes are always the Briyani and naan with oily gravies. There’s a reason for that – it was brought in by poor labourers from India who were in turn brought by the British.

    But real Indian food is very complex to understand and the quality and variety is absolutely amazing. I have lived and travelled all over India as a young student in the 80s doing research for a couple of years on architecture.

    And I can clearly say this restuarant gives you a very small glimpse using usually Singaporean known foods like naan and Briyani into how authentic Indian cuisine looks and tastes. Also, the author had made a comment about orange oil in rice. That’s saffron. Or at least supposed to be but in Singaporean restaurants I would assume it is not the case. Hard it may be to digest, in poor India their poorest restaurants make use of better quality than our hawker stalls here. But then that’s one of hundrends of spices used to flavor authentic Indian dishes.

    So before you blog about any cusine for the sake of it, please first read and research about it and do not do so with your local mindsets and limited exposure. I have noticed this on one of your posts on Thai food as well.


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