People who happened to carry my bag say that it is a like bag of gold – weight-wise. Other than the fact that it is always freaking heavy, I would like to think that the items inside are very precious to me.

Despite using this bag for about 5 years, some people still come up to me and say they like it. And I end up feeling proud for ‘him’ because he has been through with me many highs and low. ‘He’ is a Muji, bought somewhere in Tokyo. I would like to say my bag is steady, sturdy, understated and no-frills.

This camera, a Canon 550D is a prize won from the InSing hawker food lovers’ competition – whom I end up being a writer for. Despite having other cameras, this is my favourite because I had to eat and guess crocodile meat blind-folded to win it.

Other than the Canon, my iPhone4 has become a reliable tool for my food shoots, especially for Instagram where iphonography is in the rage. The iTouch is my travel companion because I travel long distances to work. It is currently filled with sermons, Hillsongs and lots of Latino music.

Interviewing F&B entrepreneurs, cooks and hawkers can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, allowing me to understand what goes behind that dish I am eating. Most of these recordings via this Sony mp3 recorder end up being played on my radio programme on Radio1003 every Sunday mornings.

Even though my wallet is almost torn apart, there is huge sentimental value to me as it is a gift. Oh yes, other than keeping cash, I remind myself to keep all my receipts because they remind me how much I am spending on food – which can be a high percentage of my salary!

This is a surprise find in a food blogger’s bag – sports attire! A reminder that we eat too much and need to say healthy. Staying in shape is really hard for me, since it’s in my genes (I used to be really fat). Food blogging doesn’t help. I make it a point to hit the gym at least 3 times a week. Crazy discipline I know. Those yellow sticks are Zumba Toning weights which add resistance while doing classes.

Let me introduce you Kaze, who never fails to travel with me. I hope to bring him to 50 different countries, to try great foods from these wondrous countries. The target is still far, and my dream continues to achieve it.



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