[Macau] Talk about Macanese food and the visions of Portuguese Egg Tarts, Pork Chop Buns, Ginger Milk Dessert and Crab Congee start appearing. And Macau boosts many congee porridge restaurants and stalls.

After a visit to the Ruins of St. Paul’s, I saw a queue of people outside a narrow street lane. Narrow is an understatement. It is one of those lane that is in between two shophouses, potentially dirty, possibly for people to park their bikes.

So imagine my surprise when I go further in and see two rows of at least 15 people slurping on fresh hot congee in a place where I would not think twice entering. How can they squeeze a shop here? But the sight and smell of the congee cannot be wrong.

At 成记粥品, we sat on a flimsy stool in this dark lane, ate on a long wooden table and I just ordered “whatever the rest is having” – There is no menu. It was quite hot as a row of women were furiously cooking away. After 10 minutes of wait, the famed congee arrived.

This is possibly the best roadside congee, no, best congee I ever had. Hot, piping, smooth, silky, tasty and yet you can savour bits of the rice. The pork meat and liver slices were fresh and tender, complementing the full flavours of the porridge. Add some dough sticks, and this is what I call simple pleasures of life.

However, it is the handmade juicy meatballs within which is crazy delicious and fulfilling. You can taste the real bite of the meat, and not just flour and starch. Two bowls were about 32 Macau Pataca, which is SGD$5!

The boss of the congee chatted a while with me, on how much he loved Singapore and Chinatown, but found it too expensive to visit his relatives. He is really a funny guy. And just a note, 成记粥品 is personally recommended by renowned food critic Chua Lam 蔡瀾.

Grand Street, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro 新馬路新馬路營地大街吳家圍 (Near Rua Da Felicidade), Macau Tel: (853) 6660 1295
Opening Hours: Morning 9am till noon

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