At the entrance of Wild Honey, the signature states “No Place Like Home”. I was half expecting a friendly cosy place where I could relax with my friends, while savouring All-Day Breakfast for dinner.

This is only half-true. Perhaps their definition is home is where people are stone-faced and cannot be bothered to look at you. (Imagine how my brother is when I don’t do the housework.)

However, no doubt about it, Wild Honey is THE place in Singapore to have your eggs and bread any time of the day.

The English ($22.00) – an ensemble of scrambled eggs, back bacon, Cumberland pork sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, potatoes and grilled tomato was one of the best in Singapore I had, even beating many versions from hotels.

The eggs creamy smooth, a match with the huge juicy sausage bursting with flavours. And I haven’t even talked about the de-li-cious sautéed mushrooms.

It was almost a crime to come here without trying the European ($18.00) – Wild Honey’s version of Eggs Benedict with almost perfect poached eggs and homemade Hollandaise sauce on signature brioche.

This visual spectacular sent my photo straight to the popular page of Instagram.

The comfortable setting and seats made this almost the best place for a tai tai dinner.

However, service was not on-par. There were service staff around but I did not know where they were hiding when I needed my ketchup and refills.

When I eventually got their attention, the straight-faced non-smiling service staff looked as though my entire table owed him money.

Apparently, The Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery has been slammed by netizen Gary Tan for allegedly favouring foreigners over Singaporeans.

The director Guy Wachs comments on “We deeply regret your remark” probably added fuel to fire. A case of miscommunication or poor service? When a restaurant gets too popular, service may get too cocky? Maybe.

For its eggs, I would still come back again, despite its service. We had a good meal. What about you – would your favour eggs over service?

Wild Honey
Scotts Square #03-01, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209 (Orchard MRT Station)
Tel: +65 6636 1816
Opening hours: 9am – 8:30pm Last Order (Sun – Thurs), 9am – 9:30pm Last Order (Fri, Sat, Eve PH)
Reserve by Chope: Wild Honey – Scotts

Other branch: 331A Orchard Road, #03-02 Mandarin Gallery

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  1. actually i’ve been to the mandarin gallery one once~ i didn’t really feel that they favored foreigners over SG-ers~ in fact the boss came over to have a chat with us to ask us how was the food and if everything was okay~ 😀 i have to admit though that the staff was hard to catch the attention of (but i gave benefit of doubt since it was a tad bit crowded)~

    but after trying the eggs ben just once, i totally stayed out of the place~ it not only smelt bad, it also tasted really really bad~ almost to the extent of making me puke~ added to the price of the meal… i have to keep reminding myself that it could’ve just been a one off incident~

  2. The food was quite bad for me. Dry and cold and oily. I cannot see the charm of the place but in any case, I value service over the food. There are too much good food in Singapore, I don’t see why we need to suffer bad service for good food.

  3. Nver been here, but after hearing wat u review, I would choose service than food! With sure a sucky service how would u enjoy your food!!

  4. Was there in July this year on a sunday but we were quite disappointed with their service. We will supposed to celebrate our friend's birthday there and I had made a reservation one week ago. When we reach there on our appointed time 12pm, they told us we can use our table till 1.30pm. it was abit too rush and we din get the chance to even really enjoy the food n coffee.when food arrived, that was already 15 min to 20min… Foodwise is overated , we had a mixture of the European breakfast which they had really salty bacon, and for my friend her salmon was too salty…. and service wise is disappointing!

  5. I am writing as an extremely upset almost-customer. So, Wild Honey says it closes at 10pm. I was from Orchard Then travelled to Outram Park then travelled back to Somerset on the hunt for a breakfast meal for dinner for my boyfriend who was staying at work late. What else tops bacon and eggs for the guy? Nothing much really. SO, I travelled from Outram all the way back to Wild Honey at Madarin Gallery and reached the place at 9:06pm. I told the long, dyed-brown haired lady in black at the door I'd like to order takeaway but she said they were closed. I enquired,'I thought you guys closed at 10?' She replied that for tonight they were closing at 9pm. Disappointed, I went out. However, due to the time, I thought it'd be almost impossible to get to another place that served all-day breakfast at most places close at 9:30pm, so I went in again and told her about how I was trying to get dinner for my boyfriend who was staying late at work and she said,"Oh, we've already closed the cash register." I ended up taking a cab down to The Book Cafe and taking a cab back to Somerset station, then headed to my boyfriend's work place. And now I'm home and it's 12am. WOULD IT HAVE BEEN THAT HARD TO OPEN THE CASH REGISTER AGAIN?????? it was only 6 minutes past your non-usual closing time. Jesus. No thanks to that lady, my time was totally wasted on running around.


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