Other than Angry Birds, Draw Something and Words With Friends, the iPhone app that really got me hooked in Instagram. Instagram is a free photo sharing which allows users to take a photo and share with fellow followers. I would like to think it is ‘Photo-based Twitter’.

Andriod users, if you haven’t heard, the app has been launched for free fairly recently. And reports said the download crossed the 1 million mark within 24 hours of the launch.

1 billon photos already uploaded, 5 million photos daily, with approximately 30 million IOS platform users. Even President Obama (@barackobama) and celebrities such as Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) and Shawn Yue (@lok666) are on it.

And the latest news which came in – Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion. (Not exactly thrilled by the news whenever a mammoth buys over anything popular.)

What’s the appeal?

Well, it is free, fun and very easy to use. Shoot a picture with your phone camera, apply a filtered effects (though I don’t like using the) and post. That’s it! A distinctive feature is photos are in a square shape, in homage to both the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras.

It allows me to see the lives through photos of my friends, and everyday moments of people from other countries. It is such a simple way to capture the beauty of the world.

My userid is @DanielFoodDiary Hope to see you on Instagram soon!



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