Is this even real, an entire restaurant selling everything with eggs and berries? The very idea thrilled me a little, having my mind torn between having eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, omelettes, sunny-side-ups, Or waffles, pancakes, sliced cakes and crepes. Decisions decisions.

Let’s talk about the location first – Changi City Point. Crazy far. It is at one far eastern end of Singapore called Expo, but can be worth going to especially when you are an outlet shopaholic. Lacoste, Nike, Adidas, G2000, Royal Sporting House all house outlets there.

As for F&Bs, you get a range of popular and new stores such as Tung Lok Signatures’, Ootoya, Ajisen Ramen, The Manhattan, G7 Express Café, Perkies, The Thai Kitchen & Roast, Yogurt Plus, Bagus, and Egg & Berries. Tempted already?

I first had the Omelette with bacon, onion & mushroom ($10.70) which was a big plate too full to place any more items. Three fresh eggs, three pancakes, tomato, bread, jam and butter fight for the plate space. Ironically, the eggs were blah (I needed ketchup), but the bread soft and fluffy, and pancakes working its usual wonders with maple syrup and chocolate sauce.

How can you come here without trying the Eggs Benedict ($12.80) right? The two poached eggs were adorably oval looking, oozing out york goodness on top of English muffins, bacon and a rosti-tasting hash brown. Other than the cheap tasting ham, the dish was delightfully wonderful.

This must be the cutest Crème Brulee ever! Housed in a real-egg shell, torched carefully before serving, resting on a tiny bowl of sugar. Soft, yummy, delicate, berry good.

Eggs & Berries
Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-37/38 Food Junction, Changi City Point, Singapore (Expo MRT)
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm Daily

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  1. wow i realise the pricing has changed from the date you went till now. omelet is now $13.80 and the eggs benedict $16.80…. and the presentation of creme brulee is certainly not in a ‘real’ egg shell anymore!

  2. Recently ive went to the newly open outlet at Jurong East Westgate, the prices have certainly went up to around $3/per for some dishes. Doesnt seem to be pocket-friendly to me anymore gosh! Ordered their signature burger (took around 20mins to come, not even the peak hr yet), leaving that aside, their ingredients were fresh so worth the wait.

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