My memory of Swensen’s still remains at its ice cream, earthquake and Sticky Chewy Chocolate, though it has definitely revamped itself to include even Asian dishes such as Hokkien Mee and Claypot Noodles. And the 33 year-old restaurant just released a range of Gourmet Burger Bonanza, with six new mini burgers on the promotional menu.

The sets include two mini burgers of your choice (size smaller than your palm) as well as a Mesclun Salad and U.S Fries ($12.90). You may like to know the buns are toasted Ciabattas.

I probably dare to say I have tried all six flavours (the perils of being a true food blogger) and here goes my personal ranking: 1) Prawn Peach Salsa Burger 2) Crab Burger with Honey Mustard 3) All American Beef Burger with Pepper Sauce 4) Spicy Chicken Burger 5) Turkey & Tomato Salsa Burger 6)Lamb Burger with Mango Chutney. Maybe lamb is just not my thing.

The seafood burgers generally stand out. The Prawn Burger is my favourite because the patty was deep-fried till crisp, while the inside remains juicy, think and moist, and you can still taste traces of the prawns. It does remind me of MOS’s Ebi Burger though.

The Crab Burger comes a close second. In my mind I was expecting ‘crab stick patty’ and was pleasantly surprised when it is real crab meat patty with quite a refreshing sweet mustard sauce, giving it a sweet-salty tinge.

My main reservation is, the burgers are not quite filling, can be more ‘gourmet’ and may work better as a side dish or starters. Perhaps it is strategy for us to have enough room for Swensen’s ice cream buffet!

Swensen’s Café Restaurant
2 Orchard Turn, #B1-31 ION Orchard (behind American Express and Popeyes), Singapore, Tel: +65 6884 5967
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:30am – 10:30pm

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