Limoncello Restaurant is the restaurant which hosted the and Valentine’s Dinner Date. Since many are curious about my date, some wanted to know about the food as well. Its address at the “Rivergate” may surprise some. In a condominium? Yes it is, but it’s also at one end of Robertson Quay with a connecting bridge to River View Hotel and Grand Copthorne.

The restaurant is the brainchild of Restaurateur Mark Anthonisz and Fabio Iannone who brought a team from Amalfi Coast. While this is no Amalfi, it faces a peaceful Singapore River with a huge alfresco dining area to wine and dine away.

Limoncello’s Napolitana wood fired pizzas and charcoal grilled meats and seafood are said to be what distinguishes them from the rest. Indeed, its Rucola e Prosciutto di Parma ($27.50) with tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, cherry tomatoes, fresh rocket salad and parmesan cheese is a noteworthy choice. Its crust borders between thick and thin, with rustic wood fired touch and crunch.

Its Cannelloni Di Vitello, a homemade cannelloni filled with ricotta and veal is one of my favourites that day. Served very warm, its creamy tomato base does not leave a thick lingering taste with pasta not being overcooked. Nice.

The Scialatielli Amalfitana ($21.50), a homemade Amalfi Coast udon-like pasta with fresh seafood, is supposed to be a highlight but did not resonate with the guests. Arriving looking like a plate of ee-fu noodles served during Chinese weddings, it also tasted almost like one – thick noodles with a salty seafoody sauce.

I do realise that several of the dishes her makes suitable sharing dishes. Rather than serving a beef steak of its own, it’s beef came in the form of Bistecca Grigliata ($68.00) -grilled ribeye tagliata surrounded by dark greenly servings of wildrocket. It is easy to divide the meat into pieces, but I did wish to be able to savour a slab of juicy beef.

If you have space for a medley of desserts (I would encourage you to leave some though the portions here are huge), go for the Profiterols ($9). Thecream filled choux pastry topped with warm chocolate sauce will make you craving for more.

Limoncello Italian Pizza & Grill
95 Robertson Quay, #01-19/20 Rivergate, Singapore, Tel: +65 6634 5117
Opening Hours: Mon: 6pm–10.30pm; Tue–Sun: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–10.30pm

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