Before I go into the Valentine’s Day Date story, the long-story-short is that I auctioned my Valentine’s Day dinner date on and raised a decent sum of money for The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore.

Some say I am very brave (I think the girls in this auction are braver). When Alvinology from invited me for this project, my first question was “Who would bid for me?!!” But since it was for a good cause, and it only cost me a night, I was all game for it in the end.

My bid remained at 15 cents for the longest time, slightly embarrassing, with an actual facebook comment of “Who the F is Daniel Ang?” adding a bit of insult.

Therefore, I am thankful for my friends and supporters for pushing the bid up all the way to $82.65 from 15 cents. Each auction jump on was 15 cents and cost 75 cents, which means a total of $495.90 was raised for charity.

Being on a date was actually slightly quite nervous for me (even though I am a guy). I haven’t been on a date for a long time! With a small bouquet of red rose, a newly bought red bow tie, and spending actually 15 minutes doing up my hair, I went to Limoncello Restaurant in anticipation.

And here is my charity bid Valentine’s Day date…

Without wanting to disclose too much, haha…. She works at a music school and we actually first met about 10 years ago when she was a guest on my Radio1003 programme. She once sang a MediaCorp Programme theme song which I liked a lot.

I was even more surprised she told me she bought me a birthday present by adopting a child from World Vision (because I was just looking at the World Vision catalogue in the morning!) Yesterday was the 3rd time we met over 10 years.

As it was a group date with all the bloggers and the founders at Limoncello Restaurant, it turned up to be a crazy and enjoyable night with never-ending food and laughter. I am in fact glad that we bloggers (whom some may deem as not credible,) can do something for this society. What I hope is, the charity does not stop here, and this Valentine’s Day dinner will be the start to many more good causes.

Thank you,, the other 9 bloggers (Ang geck geck, Calvin timothy, Claire, Chrispytine, Eric Lim, Joanne-marie sim, Kanny Theng, Moonberry, William Tan) my bidders and friends for doing their part for The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore.

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