The last time I visited SunnyHills, they were a kiosk at Funan The IT Mall. A year later, they are occupying an entire shop at Singapore’s very renowned Raffles Hotel. I would say this is a major upgrade for the Taiwanese pineapple cakes sellers.

While having Ah Teng’s Bakery, Royal China and Tiffin Room as neighbours, SunnyHills holds its own with a very contemporary yet earthy -setting, serving customers Chinese tea while they order takeaways. It appeals to the tourists and upper middle-class. The humble cake has become a classier item. Good move.

Selling at $25 for a box of 10, Sunnyhills have no other booths so you have to order at the Raffles Hotel shop or online.

While many celebrate the Lunar New Year with the traditional ‘ong lai’ tarts, a way to impress your relatives and friends is to serve them Taiwanese pineapple cakes – all individually wrapped and very presentable looking.

I have tried many Taiwanese pineapple cakes. But these made with Nantou’s indigenous pineapples, New Zealand butter, Japanese gourmet flour, and plump-yolked eggs where the chickens listen to classical music, are buttery fragrant and pleasant tasting.

The jam has a mellow sweetness without being overpowering. My personal favoured way to savour them? Refrigerate them and serve with a scoop of Vanilla gelato. I have to remind myself to go easy on them though before I gain that extra 205 calories.

SunnyHills Singapore
328 North Bridge Road, #03-05 Raffles Hotel Arcade (Cityhall MRT), Singapore, Tel: +65 8522 9605
Opening Hours: Tue–Sat: 11am – 8pm, Sun: 11am – 3pm

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  1. It was half the price if you buy in Taipei. But frankly, it is nothing great cos our very own pineapple tarts far surpassed them anytime. And mind you, we have been doing these for as long as i can remember and SunnyHill is simply repackaging it at a higher price.
    The other taiwanese pineapples tarts (according to my taiwanese friend) are actually made with the wintermelon fillings and added with imitation pineapple essence for fragrance. Yes, SunnyHills is using real pineapple filling (and thank god they should !) but to us locals, this is nothing new or great about it. The taste is average and the pastry is not frangrant at all. You probably can get this same standard in any of our NTUC supermarkets. You can have a try but you probably won’t buy again. 😀

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