Trust me, veggie’s going to be the next big thing. Healthy living, the need to look fabulous, easy to takeaway – are all good reasons to take your greens. Plus, salads are now longer the same as the past, and are actually becoming delicious.

A walk down the CBD and you would be greeted with up-and-coming bars like Salads & Wraps, Munch, Mescluns, Sumo Salad, The Green Bar, Grand Salads, and Fresh+, just to name a few. Salad Stop!, with 8 shops and counting, is probably the most popular.

SaladStop! is the brainchild of father & son team, Daniel and Adrien who were both from the hospitality industry. They also opened Doodle.

The greatest chore (to me) in terms of salad-making is buying the ingredients, cleaning and washing everything up. So SaladStop!’s formula would work: Fresh ingredients (160kg lettuce a day!), 20 different homemade dressings, innovative tastes and the possibility of creating your own salad.

Since it is the Christmas season, I had the Classic Christmas Salad ($12.50) which had mixed greens with roast turkey. The cranberries, walnut and apple cinnamon dressing danced wonderfully together to give this zest – and it does taste Christmassy (better that they were playing Michael Bublé). I wondered what the roasted pumpkin was doing there as Halloween was over, but figured they needed carbs to make us feel full.

The Oh Crab Lah! ($10.00) is nothing like crap. Imagine your favourite Singapore chilli crab dressing on mixed greens – It actually works! The team cleverly added mashed hard-boiled egg, vermicelli and crab sticks (urgh-not the real thing) to create this huge bowl that was spicy, fun, and healthy.

I know what you thinking. $10 and more for veggies sound unordinary extravagant. Those who want to lose weight, are willing to pay.

Salad Stop! #B1‐02A UOB Centre, 1 Raffles Place (Direct underground link from Raffles Place MRT), Tel: +65 6820‐0160.
Opening Hours: 8am – 8:30 pm (Mon – Fri), Closed on Sat-Sun

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  1. Omg I happened to read this entry and let me tell you – I am a GREAT fan of salad stop! You should try creating your own salad! And definitely try their soups! Very good!!

  2. Only thing that holds me back is the price – hard to justify 5 days a week, even though you know you are getting really good nutrition inside you – clean food! Eating at the hawker centre is so much cheaper over a week. I guess this is one instance of you getting what you pay for… quality food, but it doesn't come cheap…

  3. The salads may be good but the hygiene standards at the three outlets I have visited are disgraceful. At every outlet staff handle food with the same gloves in which the pick up rubbish, handle money and clean. At one outlet a staff member handed the tofu for my salad before cleaning table and getting a broom to sweep with the same gloves on – more disgusting was that she picked up a used napkin on a table and used it to wipe down all the table. At another outlet a staff member was preparing food before picking up rubbish (dirty boxes in which products are delivered). The gloves are for service hygiene not keeping hands clean.


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