Singapore is one chicken nation. I mean, our love for chicken is evident in the number of chicken shops we have. Looking at the roasted version alone, there is no stopping for Kenny Rogers, Nandos, Barcelos, Javier’s and new eatery The Rotisserie.

The Rotisserie is a 120-seater located at China Square Food Centre (not to be confused with China Square), started by Australian Jason Pope who also runs Dallas.

They roast its whole chickens on a spit, ensuring that the meat is evenly cooked and the moisture is retained. The pure sight of looking at chicken turn in an oven is like watching a theatrical performance – with the actress appearing so lovingly delicious.

Judging from the 100 whole chicken sold per day, people really love those spit-roasted birds.

The key selling point is in its price – $10 for a quarter and $15 for half which include two side dishes. That is very cheap considering this is air-conditioned dining in the heart of CBD. For the hot sides, the default (and also boring) choice seems to be the mashed potatoes, followed by gratinated cauliflower, peas and corn. The cold sides also presents some unusual selections of a purplish looking coleslaw, Asian chicken noodle salad, and chickpea with avocado pilaf.

My main gripe is you can only pick two hot or two cold dishes. Mixing is not allowed. So I couldn’t have warm macaroni with cold coleslaw.

For the chicken, the meat is so tender such that you can remove the entire flesh from its bone with a slight push of the knife. The fat under the skin has dripped away, leaving the poor bird almost fat-free. You may wonder why the fat went to. It has been cleverly transformed to a salty sauce by the side, but my advice is to leave that out unless you want to bottoms up those fats.

The favourite fish of the day strangely turned out to be the beer battered fish and chips ($11) – fried to a crisp golden yellow with moist chunky flesh. Marvelous.

51 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01 China Square Food Centre
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 10.30pm (Mon-Fri), 10.30am – 10pm (Sat)

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  1. Hi

    no offence but your description of the chicken being so tender that ‘remove the entire flesh from its bone with a slight push of the knife’ is so ‘Kua zhang’ haha

    its weird that mixing of cold and hot dishes are not allowed. Then if you order two cold dish, your mains should be cold too! =P


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