Many of us have this dream of opening up a café or little dessert place. So do sisters Peggy and Claudia Lim. They went from Hong Kong, to Taiwan, to Tokyo and finally to Italy ($?) in search of that one food and fell in love with the classic Italian gelato.

Therefore they brought the Ci Gusta! (pronounced “chi”) franchise to our sunny island.

The question is: Do we need another ice cream store in this saturated market? The answer is a resounding “Yes”. Located at a mall filled with outlet shops and right opposite IKEA, this is the first outlet and there are already plans to open more next year ($$$!).

There are more than 15 flavours of artisanal gelato to choose from, and they all sound very exciting with vanilla whisky, salted caramel, pistachio with sea salt and forest berries. Price range from $3.90 for piccolo, $5.40 for medio, and $6.90 for grande.

Ice cream can be really personal, and after trying out close to 10 different types, I decide to stick to my pino pinguino with a blend of chocolate and hazelnut flavours.

If you are bored with the gelato texture, maybe you have not tried the gelato tenero – a dessert combining soft serve ice cream and premium gelato. That is like the best of both worlds – except that I wished it did not melt so fast in our climate.

No ice cream trip is complete without trying the freshly baked waffles or crepes, both at $8.90 with 1 scoop & topping. While the waffle was not buttery and crisp enough for my liking, the crepe with unforgettable kaya-looking-like pistachio sauce was caloric-worthy. Delizioso!

Ci Gusta!
370 Alexandra Road, #01-04 Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

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  1. Woah is that really the portion for the waffles? I bot the waffles a few days ago and it turned out to be half one big circular belgian waffle. So disappointed D:


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