Vegetarian Restaurant 7 Sensations has just moved from Madras Street to Parco Millenia, continuing to offer delectable and flavoursome dishes. They are called 7 Sensations to reflect the 7 culinary elements in their menu: Asian fusion, Western, Japanese, Thai, Peranakan, cakes and beverages.

I thought it would be a shame if I did not try the sambal buah keluak ($18.90), a signature nonya speciality. It is already quite difficult to find a decent meat version of this dish, let alone a vegetarian version. The meat made from mushroom roots goes well with the braised Indonesia buah keluak nuts, soaking up the thick black tasty sauce.

Though owner cum chef Mrs Annie Chua is not Pernankan, she said her very critical nonya friends loved her dishes prepared with wholesome and healthy ingredients such as organic vegetables, sauces and seasonings.

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7 Sensations
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, #03-07 (3rd Floor), Parco Marina Bay, Singapore 039596, Tel: 6298 8198 Fax: 63363194
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00am – 3:00pm (Lunch), 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Dinner); Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 11:00am – 10:00pm

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  1. This is one of the worst customer service restuarant I have ever come across in Singapore. I called to book for 18 pax, but no one answered.

    Left a message for returned call no one answered.
    Call a mobile number, that was indicated in their mailbox, no one answered.
    Called the indicated mobile no one answered.
    sms to them, takes more than a hour to reply, that the road is still accessible for CHINGAY this sat 4.2.2012, yet do not offer to bother if we wish to book or not.

    Such bad customer service, did not take importance of customer’s urgency to arrange dinner bookings, due to concern of road closure, did not even bother to address.

    Their website indication, good food etc…and many blogs comments are just bull shit. Imagine a concensus of 18-20 persons, decided to go to another vegetarian restaurant.

  2. Very super bad service. Old lady, the mother is the usher and receptionist as well as waitress.

    Very bad manners and customer service. We booked 4 tables to offer to Venerables.

    Kept us waiting, and did not even offer guests who arrived early to sit but all have to stand outside the cafe . ( It is in no way , a restuarant !!!! “. Portions are very small. Food very salty and lots of MSGs. Asked for 4 bowls of rice for each table, only given 1 bowl per table, as they ration for all guests ( cos their cooking pot is too small to cater for such big ground )

    Away the rice is not cheap . Plain rice, no bigger than normal hawker stall, cost S4.50 per bowl.

    Most dishes are very small. Each plate only for 1-2 persons spoonsful or option. Fried tofu cut into 8 portions, each plate serve with 1 toufu, half cut , and further quarter cut, making 8 pcs, to be shared by 20 of us. Ridiculously expensive. Forget about the write ups and the wall advertisement.

    Broken english waitress. When asked for tea and drinks what they have to offer, the answer was a pissed off ” THE TEA IS INSIDE THE MENU “. What kind of answer.

    Ask for warm water to be serve, they say they do not encourage us to take warm water with their food, but recommended hot chinese tea. Contradictory !!!!

    Claypots are mini sized, even when we ordered large size. Need to keep repeating the orders and keep asking when orders can be served.

    Worst still cashier eats and drinks in front of the bar corner , and pours drinks as she was eating away.

    Waitress , 3 china women who cant even speak proper english and 1 pinoy maid looking ( probably from their home ) cannot even speak chinese.

    10 % service Charges for very super bad service
    3 % GST

    20 of us, eat about 4 different dishes mainly tofu and spinach etc, cost us SS$799.65

    average dish is $ 18.95 each

    Will ” pui pui ” and never go there again !!!! The venerables told us, it was a wasteful money spend, to get such bad service and food with all msg. !!!!

    Cut throat price, bad service !!!!!

    Rating : no stars !!!!!!

  3. One question often asked by those considering a vegetarian diet is; “Will I get enough protein? This is certainly a valid question, as protein is necessary for the building, maintenance and function of all body cells. In fact, a varied and well-balanced vegetarian diet actually provides all the protein the body needs, obtained by eating such things as whole grains, beans, nuts and soy


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