Most ramen restaurants would be satisfied with concentrating on a few key items, but RamenPlay is pushing boundaries further with 31 new items! And that includes 16 new desserts and beverages.

This is probably in line with its fun image, and BreadTalk’s brand philosophy of innovation as seen from its other brands such as Toast Box, Din Tai Fung and The Icing Room. I personally think this is a good move to differentiate from its very strong ramen competitors.

A main highlight of the revamped menu is the usage top-grade Japanese rice imported from Niigata Prefecture of a premium quality. Other than the new Sanpou Double Soup Ramen and Corn Miso Ramen, the Black Sesame Fried Rice, Butariki Ishinabe and Katsu Curry Rice should appeal to customers.

I was really intrigued with the Black Sesame Fried Rice ($10.80) because I have never heard of such a combination. The rice is fried with chicken, egg, black sesame seeds, and yes, black sesame paste. It felt as though somebody poured a ‘zhi ma hu’ (black sesame dessert) into rice and mixed it up. However, this was my favourite simply because I am always keen to try new innovative things, and the taste does grow on you.

The Butariki Ishinabe ($12.80) is like a cross between the Korean Bibimbap and local claypot rice. Before eating, you have to mix the barbequed pork, onions and raw egg together (like the Bibimbap) and you will land up with slightly charring of the rice on the stone pot (like claypot rice).

If you like a carb overload, try the Chicken Katsu Curry ($12.80) which also comes with a crunch piece of toast. The curry interestingly feels part Japanese and part Chinese, and I wished the sauce came in a huger portion because I like my grains to be submerged in this fragrant sweet curry.

RamenPlay, 23 Serangoon Central, #B2-58 NEX Mall, Tel: +65 6634 4089
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10.30pm (Sun–Thu), 10.30am – 11pm (Fri–Sat)

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