If you have taken an MRT train, or waited at some MRT station, you should have seen the video of The New Great Singapore Workout. You may have found the person leading the workout kind of familiar. Haha.

Most people would know me as the Radio1003 DJ hosting the food programme, or the food reviewer who really eats a lot. So I am probably the last person you would think about leading, let alone choreograph and plan an entire new workout.

How did it come about?

Long story. Let’s just say that I started to get more involved in fitness because I (the “Ah Pui”) was constantly facing a weight problem. Being a food reviewer does not help at all. I started doing a variety of exercise classes, and somehow landed up to be an instructor for the last 6 years.

It was indeed a great opportunity to be given the chance by HPB to choreograph a new Great Singapore Workout. There were several other fitness companies who pitched for the deal, and thank you to them for believing in me. I wanted to make it a fun full-body workout for all ages, with moves that are very “Singaporean”. The workout may not please everybody, but I am glad people who actually tried the full workout do enjoy it and felt they really burned.

Filming was tough work over two days but really fun as well. I was glad that HPB found contestants from Lose to Win to be part of the filming project, and not just some perfect-bodied trainers or slim dancers like what you would expect in a fitness DVD. It really meant that everybody can enjoy exercising and being healthy. And they could really move!

I do not have the perfect body. I am not the fitness freak. In fact, I am this ordinary Singapore boy who really enjoys his char kway tiao and carrot cake – and exercises hard for a balanced lifestyle. Come to think of it – I am rather “Lose to Win” too.

Yes, who would have though a food reviewer would be the one choreographing a workout for the country? In a way, I feel that I have helped continue my father’s goal of being healthy and more importantly helping others to be healthy at the same time. I hope I have done him proud. So never underestimate “Ah Pui”! =)


  1. Hi Daniel,

    Inspired by the Great Singapore Workout, my company is actually looking at choreographing a “Keppel Workout” as a signature exercise for our subsequent events. Would you be interested to discuss a possible collaboration?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    6413 6462

  2. Oh! so that's you in the workout!! Pleased to "meet" you. I like your food blogs and discovered you are a zumba instructor as well. I like zumba too, as a class attendee only. Cheers!


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