Imperial Treasure has always been satisfaction-guarantee with its chain of restaurants. It is also offering exciting choices with Imperial Treasure Bakery, Steamboat Restaurant as well as Windows of Hong Kong at TripleOne Somerset Orchard.

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant specialises in serving Chinese steamboat, offering both ala carte and set menus. This is quite a classy steamboat restaurant compared to those you have seen at Bugis, and do expect to pay a premium for it.

The soup base alone will cost $12 per portion. The good news is there is really a wide range you can choose from. Other than the usual Sichuan spicy and healthy chicken soup, the other specialties include satay flavour, seaweeds & kelp, century egg & parsley, drunken chicken with ginseng soups. We made a wrong choice of picking chicken soup and traditional pork’s bone because they both look whitish and taste similarly bland. Perhaps we are too used to the steamboat soups which are heavier and more flavourful.

The meat items such as the USA sliced kurobuta ($10), fresh pork shoulder ($6.00), pig’s kidney ($10), fresh chicken ($5), small intestines ($6) are not cheap as well. The balls are about $8-9, and vegetables $3-5 per plate.

I must say the hand-made balls are rather delicate and tasty, especially the prawn and pork balls. These balls beat those machine-made ones anytime.

The highlight of the entire meat has to be its condiments and sauces, ranging from peanut sauce, green and red chills, spring onions, plum sauce, chopped garlic, sambal chili and chicken rice chili … All 12 of them. It redeems every mouthful of flat soup and boring meats. It may not be far-fetched to say the condiments saved the entire meal. Now who says sauces are not important?

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant, 111 Somerset Road, #02-21 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore, Tel: +65 6732 8231
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat: 11.30am–3pm, 6.30pm–11pm; Sun: 11am–3pm, 6pm–11pm

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