There are two things that are stopping me from getting that gym-fit figure – bubble tea and deep fried food. Both I am not prepared to give up yet. Not when an airfryer just landed in my kitchen.

Disclosure: I did not receive payment for this review. Neither Philips nor any frozen food products/supermarket sponsored me. I was persuaded by a Bryan Wong advertisement (this guy can sell anything from interior design, tour packages to plasters) to part away with $300 over dollars.

Listen out – no oil is involved. Having no oil in deep fried food is like having a ‘Bubble Tea Zero’ with minimal calories. This Airfryer’s patented rapid air technology would allow you to fry the tastiest crispy fries that contain up to 80% less fat than a conventional fryer. This is done with a unique combination of fast circulating hot air and a grill element.

I love to deep-fry food, but never knew what to do with the left-over oil which would be rather black and disgusting after a while. And there is this stench and horrible cleaning that the lazy guy in me has to deal with.

Some critics say that is the technology is similar to a conventional oven and therefore rather gimmicky. I agree, though it is a prettier and neater way to fry, and process time is far faster than over-roasting.

For the first meal, I tried the traditional favourite of fish and chips. The airfryer’s separator accessory is a handy way to fry multiple items at the same time and prevents the flavours of different foods mixing with each other. You would first need to pre-heat the fryer (say 200 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes), though you can just watch TV while waiting.

In about 25 minutes, I was done. The fried fish turned out to be quite good – very crispy, light, crunchy at parts without that greasy feeling. My main complain that the inner filling was not moist enough. The airfryer worked better for the wedges which turned out professionally even-coloured.

After frying the chicken wings, there was a layer of oil collected at the bottom of the pan! That would have gone into my tummy.

You know those fish fillets that always can with fried bee hoon? I always loved how it would be crisp on the outside, yet juicy on the inside. Unfortunately, these landed up to be rather shrivelled and lost the succulent essence.

Overall, the airfryer seems to be a healthier and more convenient alternative– a worthwhile investment if you like fuss-free deep frying.

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  1. it looks kinda small, so it’s for small batches of frying and not for big frying events.

    the need to heat up really makes it seem like an oven though

  2. LOL…Very funny title eh? How apt. And eating fried-tasting food sans the FATs and guilt is totally so worth-it. Duno there’s such stuff ard & thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks everyone. I am still experimenting with diff type of food.

    Vivian: The retail launch price is $345, though some hypermarts offer various discounts.

  4. Emmmm my boy loves deep-fried food so perhaps it might be good for m e to consider getting 1 🙂 Really don’t need any oil to achieve the golden and crispy texture? Emmmmm

  5. Good submission, my wife is really serious with her food, over the last few years so she is constantly in local farmers markets, healthy restaurants and even a health food bookshop. Its exciting even if you aren’t a vegetarian yourself, theres so much great food around!

    • Oh, this I can’t really tell because I don’t fry things like everyday. And sadly there could be other appliances ‘eating’ up electricity.

    • Hi May, yes, I seen them around at local supermarkets. But when they are air-fried, may not be as ‘juicy’ and the colour is not as golden-brown as what you get at the economical bee hoon stalls.


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