This restaurant is not called Hippopotamus because it sells its meat. No, no. Neither does it have any significant meaning. Few would know that it is first created in Paris in 1968, with over a hundred restaurants mainly in the French regions, and finally brought over to Singapore. It was said the founder saw a Hippopotamus on one of his voyage trips and the image stayed in his mind.

“Hippopotamus” may give the indication that the meat pieces they sell are of significant sizes. And yes, their signature prime rib weights a hefty heavy bulky beefy 1.2kg! That’s about four of your human palms in surface area. Lets just say it was almost the size of my big face as well.

This size XXXL prime rib ($109.00) is not definitely not meant for one, and can be shared between 4-5 meat lovers. (Our table of 8 shared one.) A cut of beef from the rib section, the bones are removed resulting with fats and the lesser muscles left uncut, leaving you with melt-in-your mouth marbled goodness.

You also have a choice of sauces (finally, not cheap chilli sauce) between barbeque, béarnaise, stewed shallot, pepper or roquefort cheese. My personal recommendations will be the stewed shallot which adds a fragrant dimension to the beef, or barbeque as it compliments better for a rather ‘American’ taste.

The sides are also quite exciting, with 3 choices of fries, potato gratin, green beans, baked potato, ratatouille or basmati rice. The potato gratin is a must-order.

If you prefer other cuts, there is a range of sirloin, tenderloin and rib steak, to the rarer hanger and skirt steaks. Prices are about $20 plus, which makes it quite reasonable.

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-204/205 Marina Square, Tel: +65 6338 5352
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Daily)

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