[Updated Aug 2015] This actually happened in 2011. Will any sushi bars do the same again? By the way, I CAN’T BELIEVE I WROTE THIS. Guess I am a lot more mellow now.

[Original Post] Tin Pei Ling vs Nicole Seah – who will win the battle at Marine Parade GRC at GE 2011, it is anybody’s guess before 7th May.

Presently, PAP candidate Tin Pei Ling has gathered more about 3,500 ‘likes’ on her facebook page, while NSP’s Nicole Seah has about *wow* more than 11 times more at 41000 fans, pushing close to MM Lee’s of 55,000.

The comparison has amusingly and entertainingly extended to two plates of sushi. You are not reading wrong. Standing Sushi Bar has named their cooked vinegared rice after these two young candidates.

First presenting Tin Pei Lin sushi, six pieces of white maki filled with salmon skin, perhaps symbolising a clean white PAP look.

Though a netizen says that sotong would have been a better ingredient, my suggestion is to pair the makis up with a halal sushi with the name of Fatimah Lateef. Aren’t they supposed to be buddies?

Oh yes, throw in a huge handroll for the same price as well. (What if cannot sell well right? Don’t worry, the price will be kept the same the next 6 months.)

Next presenting Nicole Seah sushi, eight pieces pretty in pink makis filled with unagi and egg, placed in a flower shape to represent her NSP colours and logo.

Priced at $10 each, the owner revealed that while both sushis are selling well, the Nicole Seah version is selling twice as much.

Before you cheer (or jeer), likes are likes, and sushi sales are not votes. To be fair, I would like go for the pink sushi as well, purely because it looks packed with substance, and not because the pink one is prettier. And I don’t know what to say about the white sushi.

Ingenious idea Standing Sushi Bar! How about coming out a Vincent and Vivian sushi, with the Vivian sushi made of fresh smear, I mean sear fish.

Standing Sushi Bar: 8 Queen Street and Marina Bay Link Mall

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