Somebody asked me as a food critic, if I eat McDonald’s? I mean, of course! A food critic should always give food a try – no discrimination right? Well, as part of its menu evolution, McDonald’s has launched the Chicken McGrill menu range.

Grill is the new tasty at McDonald’s, and they are committed to using grill as a cooking style for its chicken. If there is a healthier and yet tastier option, why not?

The new Chicken McGrill has a chicken thigh meat marinated with teriyaki sauce and no patty is used. The result? A rather tender, juicy, semi-sweet meat piece that actually taste real for once. The home-style chargrill sauce is nicely balanced without being too overwhelming or strong in taste.

Plus, no shredded lettuce is used, so no clumsy falling off of pale-looking greens. The bakery-style sourdough bun is a refreshing change from the usual uniform buns, only that it is a tad too thick and dry for my liking.

As with all new McDonald’s items, it must come with some shaker fries. This time the flavour comes in the form of Honey Chipotle. Sweet, but nothing ground-breaking. I suppose the taste complements the chargrill sauce of the burger, but I wished for a stronger and lasting powder.

My main complain? The burger looked nothing like the huge glossy giant displayed in the posters. And for $8.40 for a meal, that is a sign of rampant inflation. (All right, McDonald’s is not going to get me to endorse any items with this.)

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  1. I’ve given it a try. I agree with what you are saying about the bun. It’s a tad too thick and dry for my taste. Nonetheless, must comment Mac for daring to change. I quite like its grilled chicken. It’s tender and pretty juicy for a fast food. The lettuce is a good change. The lettuce though I would have preferred more.hehe


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