The combination is too good to be true – chilli crab pizza. Imagine one of Singapore’s most iconic food of chilli crab with the signature viscous spicy sauce on top of a skinny thin crusty pizza.

Found at True Heritage Brew’s Singapore Sling Boutique, the pub has revamped its menu to allow its foreign customers to have the taste of the best of both worlds.

The chilli crab pizza ($14.80) had a suitably thin crust, topped with a specially prepared chilli crab sauce. I thought it looked somewhat ordinary. But when I sank my teeth into it, I was taken aback when the juice spurted out of the soft shell crab, sending the warm succulent sauce lingering all over my taste buds. Never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a pizza by its appearance!

Another one of my favourite was the lamb masala pizza ($12.80). While it was not recommended on the menu (possibly not many fancy lamb), I liked how the many spices blended into a mild but interesting flavour. Plus, the pizzas were freshly prepared with every order, assuring the cheese was still warm and chewy.

The chilli crab spaghetti ($14.80) was another highlight. It was spaghetti topped with tempura soft shelled crab, again with chilli crab sauce poured all over. That was some creative juice, but could do with better execution with more more more sauce and more bite on the noodles.

It was challenging trying to blend in Singapore’s most familiar taste into something foreign. Therefore, the black pepper crab spaghetti ($14.80) tasted too ‘ang moh’ and clean for me, and could do with more of the oily peppery spicy stuff that we liked.

This East meets West culinary fusion seems to be the in-thing now. So how about black pepper chicken wings and crispy fried dipped in chilli crab sauce. Idea right?

True Heritage Brew, 3B River Valley Road, #01-05 The Foundry, Clarke Quay, Singapore Tel: +65 6334 4033
Opening Hours: Sun–Wed: 1pm – 12am, Thu–Sat & PH eve: 1pm – 2am

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