Consider it cheap thrill to order a piece of Selina, Elle and Hebe. I wonder how fans of S.H.E will feel to know that these are actually the names of the BBQ Crispy Chicken, Extra Crispy Chicken and Lemon Crispy Chicken sold at I Love Taimei 我愛台妹. So cute actually.

The other starlets are not spared with 蔡依零, 林志零, 大S and 小S as part of the menu of this kiosk. They are just pieces of chicken (sound very wrong yah), and Taiwanese streetside food such as meesua and tempura. Clever use of the Mando-pop song. This is a total dig and I love it.

So I told the cashier I wanted 杨丞零 set, and was presented with extra crispy nuggets, a side dish and a cup of bubble tea all for the price of $6.40.

My 杨丞零 came piping hot, so tender moist and un-oily, blanketed with crisp batter layer, showered with peppery chili powder. Eating by the roadside on a cooling Singapore weather, it felt so Taiwan.

The variety of side dishes was aplenty with tofu fries, shake2 fries, sour plum sweet potato, chicken tail, sotong ball or chicken skin. The shake shake fries with came in a conical container was just the ultimate nibble – so light and salty with curry flavoured poweder it tasted better than those offered by that other fast food restaurant. Opps.

While the bubble tea was not Koi-tastic or Gong- rrific, it was still a decent cup of milky delight with chewy pearls.

I hear that I Love Taimei 我愛台妹 has opened at a branch at Bugis Junction Basement. So time to pay a visit to try out 阿Mei.

52 Queen Street #ABFL-21 Singapore Tel: +65 6336 5987 (At the back of Bugis Village, near Illuma)
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm Daily

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