It’s very Taiwan this Chinese New Year. If you walk down the Chinatown street bazaar, it won’t be too exaggerating to say that 20% of the stalls are selling some Taiwan goodie… … Mochi ball, fruit jelly, pineapple tarts, peanuts and anchovies.

Why the trend? The flavours are aplenty. You can get Taiwan jellies from mango, lychee, strawberry , green apple to lychee, green tea and black sugar. They make the otherwise boring and predictable new year goodies different.

Oh, and the packaging is all so pretty and cute, each item individually wrapped in colourful paper. This also ensures minimal wastage to the food. How many times have you opened an entire bottle of something, only to find it lao hong after a while?

Since don’t know when I have been buying mocha balls for new year, and relatives keep asking me where I got them from. (I hate to say $5 at Chinatown for a big packet.) Having something rare to offer your auntie always helps, but hey, Taiwanese goodies are no longer unusual okay?

I chanced upon this Sunnyhills stall at Funan the IT mall, which sells nothing but Taiwanese Feng Li Shu. At $13.80 for a box of 6, they are not exactly cheap but are selling well.

It is not all the time you can say that your pineapple tarts are made of 100% organic pineapples, New Zealand butter, and premium eggs which come from chickens which listen to classical music. And the beautiful packaging makes all that difference for gift exchange.

Serve your favourite (or least favourite) auntie a premium pineapple tart, and tell her it is from Taiwan. It will impress her.

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