It’s time to pile on those calories once again with those wonderfully tasty Chinese New Year goodies. They are always all around, yet taste better as the dong-dong-dong chiang season approaches. Strange yah. Here’s rounding up some of my favourite CNY goodies. What’s yours?

Egg Rolls
Hand-made love letters are really a rare find now. Many also end up being too brownish or ‘lao hong’ (not cripsy) when it is not packaged properly. Kedai Kue Kue’s love letters are hand-made at a Central Kitchen in Singapore, and yet assures a consistent quality. Light and crisp, they are so fluffy the rolls crumble on one bite.

Bak Kwa
Lim Chee Guan is Singapore’s best known Bak Kwa, attracting the longest queue every Chinese New Year. This pioneer Bak Kwa, founded since 1938, is a winner in every way. The meat slices are addictive when barbequed to a slight charred outer layer, with its thin tender meat bursting a mix of sweet salty flavours that is so sinfully good to suck. Never too oily, never too burnt.

But at the adjustment of $3 more this year to $46 per kg, these slices look set to cross the $50 mark. Still worth it?

Pineapple Tarts
I enjoy the big fat golf ball type of pineapple tarts, rather than the usual flower-shaped ones as it seems to contain more pineapple paste. The pineapple tarts at Le Café Confectionery and Pastry are generously filled with tasty sweet pineapple fillings. What’s equally appealing is its crumply pastry full of buttery fragrance.

Kuih Bahulu
At Warisan Recipe found at Boon Lay Shopping Centre, you’ll find a variety of the kuih bahulu, including flavours such as chocolate rice, pandan, cheese, durian and strawberry ($2.80 for 10). For something more unusual, there’s the gula Melaka flavoured bahulu ($5.20 for a box of 18). Soft, spongy and slightly dry, these traditional cakes taste best when eaten fresh and dipped in hot milo or coffee.

Peanut Puff
Glory Catering is known for producing a wide range of traditional Chinese New Year and kueh kuehs. Their mini peanut puff, otherwise known as Kok Chai, is a simple snack with delicious peanut fillings. The sizes are consistent, and crust never too hard and thick.

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