Another bubble tea shop opens – and I have lost track on the number of newbies. Drink Tea 水研社 opens its second brand (first branch at Bedok) at NEX Serangoon Central. What’s special about the bubble tea is that the pearls are pink!

Drink Tea’s signature pink pearls are made from Roselle Plant extract. The roselle plant has been said to have medical qualities, that it can be used as a treatment to reduce hypertension and fatigue. I can believe that the plant can have medicinal properties, but I hardly suspect those pearls will have any.

The brand has been established in 2006 in Taiwan, with more than 30 years of professional experience in wholesale tea business. Other than allowing you to choose your sugar level, customers can choose the ice level (normal ice, less ice, no ice) for the same price. I wished all fruit juice stalls can apply the same principle.

Service is slow, so do be prepared to wait.

The pearls were indeed chewier and slightly sweeter than the usual ordinary brands. I like it that they were soft enough and fun to chew.

While the tea was made from Taiwanese tea, and the brewed tea are not kept for more than four hours to ensure freshness and quality, the taste was nothing to scream about. Perhaps we are pampered by all the other more established brands around.

Drink Tea, NEX, 23 Serangoon Central, #B2-52 Tel: +65 6634 2416
Opening Hours: 11.15am – 10.30pm (Mon–Fri) 10:15am – 10:30pm (Sat-Sun)

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  1. This is much much nicer than Koi! Koi standard have already drop. It’s no longer nice, especially the milk tea, it’s getting blend.

  2. well.. latest addition to “drink tea” @ Kovan heartland mall..

    have tried the one at bedok, nex n kovan.. standard varies amongst the three branches.. nex is the best though bedok branch is the pioneer.

    recently tried the kovan branch. hm.. inclined to the sweeter side. usually i’ll ordered less sugar but @ kovan branch, i’ll order half sugar.


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