Now that you know that Keith Png enjoys his beef horfun at least once a week, which celebrity friend will he bring to a hawker centre? And find out how he maintains his weight, despite eating so much.

If you were to ‘design’ your own hawker food, what would it be like?
I will design and make Hors d’œuvre out of hawker food! As I love variety in small quantity, I can get to have a taste of lots of my favourite hawker foods at one go. Usually I am like a lost child in a candy store, so many choices and so little stomach space.

Which celebrity friend would you bring to a hawker centre and what food would you recommend him/her?
I would bring Lin Chiling, because she is such a sweet person. Being Taiwanese she can appreciate our hawker food culture and nothing will shock her. I know she likes to eat stingray so I will bring her to a seafood feast of local favourites like chilli crab or black pepper crab or curry crab or salted eggs crab or salted eggs prawns or oats prawns or fried baby squid or assam fish head or curry fish head or bamboo clams or all of the above!

You are such a foodie, yet you manage to maintain such a slim waist. Share with us your secret: How do you maintain your figure?
I am greedy when it comes to food. Even if I am eating alone, I will still like to have a huge variety. I try to cut down on my carbo intake during dinner. To atone for my greedy sin, I also attend body combat classes regularly.

Thank you Keith for the interview! His website and blog can be found at
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