Celebrity style guru, fashion designer, TV show host, style advisor and retail entrepreneur – Keith Png is unarguably one of the best known fashionistas in Singapore. His works can be seen on top Asia celebrities such as Zhang Ziyi, Lin Chi Ling, Stephanie Sun, Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.

Little do people know that Keith is quite a foodie, often enjoying his hunt for the best food at the local restaurants and food centres.

BanBan interviews fashion guru Keith, who tells him that hawker food is ‘sinfully good’, and does not think twice before chomping down his favourite deep fried chicken wing and ice lemon tea with ice cream.

What are some of your favourite hawker food?
Beef horfun, black fried carrot cake, fried hokkien prawn mee, satay and nasi briyani.

You seem to like all the oily food! Now, if you must choose one of these foods to recommend, which will it be?
Definitely beef horfun. I just love the texture of the horfun. It is such a simple dish, yet tasty and filling. I have to eat it at least once every week.

Which hawker centre and stall will you recommend for this food?
I will recommend Quan Ji at Amoy Street Food Centre. It is not only cheap, it sells a lot of other fantastic dishes too.

It serves the best beef horfun I have ever had. The kway tiao has a slightly burnt taste to it, the amount of gravy and beef are generous and the beef is ohhhhhhhhh soooooooo tender yummy.

I have tried the beef horfun at Quan Ji too. The kway tiao was indeed very flat, smooth and silky, quite different from many other stalls I had tried. What are the other dishes there you would try?
Some of their must tries include the king pork ribs (pai gu wang), fried beansprouts with salted fish and also the prawn paste chicken wings.

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