Liked the book, and hated the movie? Or just felt the sudden urge to dive into the lands of Italy, India and Indonesia (oh they all start with ‘I’) to indulge in one of life’s greatest pleasure – food?

You may be craving for the chewiness of pizzas, spiciness of curries, and the distinctiveness of Tempe at this very moment. And here’s where you can have some Italian, Indian and Indonesian food just so that you can feel a little more in tune with Elizabeth Gilbert.

EAT at Peperoni Pizzeria (Hillcrest Park, Greenwood Avenue)

Under the Les Amis Group, this well-hidden and well-reputed pizzeria serves up gigantic pizzas in a wood-fired oven placed in an open kitchen. Patrons keep themselves entertained with crayon and paper on every table. So European, I like.

With a country-side ambience and quirky environment, feel free to sink your teeth into the 21 inch ($45.00) family pizzas. The 4 Formaggi Pizza with mozzallera, taleggio, scarmorza and gorgonzola would just make cheese lovers insane. If that is too much cheese for you to handle, have a half and half pizza. The thin crusted base and ham-mushroom fragrance will make you call “Delizioso!”

PRAY for Gajalee (Cuppage Terrace)

One of Mumbai’s top seafood restaurant has opened in Singapore, yet crowds were not seen in the restaurant during lunchtime. Specialised in Maharashtrian dishes, Gajalee does not only serve your typical biryani, chapatti, and tandoori.

The signature Bombay Duck ($14.00) is not that bird you are familiar with, but fish coated with a masala based batter and fried to crisp. A delicacy in the Indian cuisine, the bones are soft and chewable. Another must have is the Butter Garlic Pepper Prawns, streamed jumbo tiger prawns in peppery garlic sauce. Never before has garlic been so tasty.

LOVE not Garuda Padang Cuisine (Orchard Central)

Garuda (not the airline) is one of the most successful Padang cuisine restaurant chain in Singapore. It’s buffet at $23.80++ for a weekday dinner can attract groups of colleagues and friends to try their favourite Ayam Goreng, Rendang Sapi, Sambal Udang Petai and Sayur Lodeh in one setting.

Unfortunately, the cold meats, spilled curry, slow service and confused staff made an otherwise happy experience, calamitous.

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