There are now plenty of sweet reasons to visit Resorts World, with the opening of Candylicious – the largest candy store in Asia. And I thought Candy Empire was good enough for me.

I was not overly excited, as I never really had a sweet tooth. But the look-see-look-see attitude was enough to bring me all the way to Resorts World Sentosa to visit this 9000 square feet sugary shop. Plus I don’t gamble.

Candylicious was indeed a Candy Heaven, a place where children could dream of (Read: dangerous for parents). And I felt 30 going on 13 again.

There were giant lollipop trees, walking peeps (a giant chick looking like a marshmallow), giant M&Ms, and giant Hershey’s bars. This place could make anyone happy, well except parents who had to folk out extra cash for their screaming children.

You would be spoilt for saccharine choices with the largest ’Pick and Mix’ wall where your could find gummy bears, peach rings, jelly beans and M&Ms of every colour. Plus they sold the rarer goods that could once only be found overseas such as Madelaine Chocolates, Rock Candy from Squire Boone Village, Messori Italian Cones and Peeps Marshmallow. For an indulgent treat, try the gourmet Candylicious gelato for a sugar rush. Yummilious!

Although there was a ‘no photography rule’, people were cam-whoring with over-sized Hershey’s chocolate bars, large syrup bottles, Bubble Yam cushions, and Kisses plush toys. Yes, and they sold the World’s Largest Kisses.

Willy Wonka might just go Ga Ga in this $1.8 million boutique store, 2nd in the world after Dubai.

I came to RWS not expecting to buy anything. And I walked out with 4 bags of chocolate and 1 M&M tee-shirt in 15 minutes. Not regretting my purchases at all. Wait, they even had mints with my name!

Candylicious, Resorts World, Sentosa.
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Daily)

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  1. The big big hershey’s choco bar is just too tempting. I think I’m going to get that. Hopefully no one is going to say I’m crazy. 😛


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