This is strange. I miss Thailand, even though I was there just last week. Maybe that’s why.

Thailand has an impeccable charm, and the food somehow cannot be replicated here. And here I am, lazing on bed on a rainy morning, dreaming about that hot piping bowl of Beef Soup from MBK Center food court.

Most tour-savvy Singaporeans should be familiar MBK – There would be throngs of us there in any long public holiday weekend. You can hear it from the “lah”, “leh”, “ah-boy, stopping running ah!” and parents feeding their 7-year old children food.

The MBK Food court on the sixth floor is a constant state of buzz and confusion, but is cheap food haven for the gluttons. Don’t get confused with the higher classed dining area at the fifth level. The food ranged from the usual Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Sticky Mango with Rice to Dim Sum and Bird’s Nest pushed on trolleys. And you could be promised a satisfying meal for just 50 baht ($1.10)!

Hygiene or convenience, you had to buy pre-paid coupons first as though you were in a carnival. There could at least be assurance that the hawkers would not be dealing with the currency directly. I usually changed for 100 baht first. But found myself doing the changing repeatedly because I wanted more.

Bangkok’s food was hugely influenced by Chinese cultures. And one of the most amazing things in this food court was the Stall C11’s Stewed Pork Limb with Rice by Tokzung (40 baht). The shreds of fatty pork legs soaked in dark marinated sauce were tenderising melt-in-your-mouth smooth, and you imagined if pork had ever been this soft. The crispy pork, though had an unrefined street hawker taste, was crunchy enjoyable as a side dish.

The Beef Noodles located right at the front corner of the foodcourt drew the longest queue. Hardly surprising. The claypot was filled beef intestines, sliced beef and balls, had an incredible strong robust salty broth that you would sip to the last drop. I remembered that it used to taste better with an uncle selling, but I am not complaining.

Street food with aircon comfort. MBK foodcourt just brought back so many food memories of Bangkok. So which was your favourite stall?

Food court on the 6th Floor of Mah Boon Krong (MBK) plaza (Siam BTS Stop)

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