In case you have not realised, Honeymoon Dessert has arrived to Singapore! I mean, for months. And that made me very excited as I did not have fly 4 hours for my 2nd favourite dessert chain.

Since Honeymoon Dessert established its first store in Sai Kung in 1995, it has developed into the current chain stores offering Hong Kong desserts in a contemporary style.

Xu Liu Shan did not survive in Singapore, and Xi Yang Yang folded.

So could it be that Singaporeans did not embrace costlier Chinese desserts?

Well, the timing and location had never been better for Honeymoon Dessert. We never really had a dessert culture years back, but the story is totally different now.

The bookshelf wallpaper, red soft seats, desserts display racks, monster dome lights and signature yellow bowls brought about the old familiar feel and memories from Hong Kong. Would the taste be the same?

The first choice for the familiar would of course be the Mango Pomelo & Sago Sweet Soup 杨枝甘露, rather pricey though at $5.50.

The presentation of fresh mango meat, sweet sago cream and sour pomelo was exactly the same. However, this version felt a little milkier, thicker, and sourer on the mangoes.

It was not as life-changing. Perhaps the fruit was not in season. Perhaps they had too much milk added. Perhaps.

Another of my favourite was the sesame soup mixed with walnuts 生磨芝麻糊加核桃露 ($3.00), said to keep youthfulness and promote memory.

I was relieved they maintained consistency – it was thick yet smooth, sweet yet not over the top.

The.Sweet Ball Coated with Crushed Peanut and Sesame 糖不甩 ($3.50), the symbol of reunion, was fun thing to eat, not overly sweet and did not stick to the teeth.

My top recommendation would be the Mixed Fruits Sago with Coconut Juice 鲜杂果西米露 ($6.00).

It would otherwise be an ordinary sago dessert. But the sweet-sour mango, soft bananas, saccharin longans and attap chee added different taste layers to this multi-dimensional dessert, being cool and refreshing at the same time.

I will be back. Though I must say while the menu and outlook are the same in here and Hong Kong, something feels different here though.

It is there, but not quite there yet. You think so?

1 Harbourfront Walk #01-93 VivoCity. Singapore 098585. Tel:+65 6376 8027

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