It had been estimated that there may be staggering 1000 new F&B outlets opened in Singapore this year alone. That’s fierce competition – but good news for foodies like us who have been craving for variety. Food cannot be that boring.

And in this buffetlicious country, a new restaurant that combined Japanese cuisines, desserts and a low-priced buffet seemed too good to be true. Let’s Sweets (Shouldn’t it be Let’s Be Sweet), a refreshing concept of Japanese dessert buffet, priced at $15.80++ for lunch and $18.80++ for dinner during weekdays, would please any sweet tooth.

Walking into this colourful store at Bugis Junction, you would notice the wall tiled with chocolate bars patterns, along with counters of colourful cakes and rows of savoury items. Chefs dressed in white uniform and toques stood behind counters to prepare handmade crepes with ice cream and ‘dancing’ Yaki Mochi.

I was invited for a food tasting session, and the recommended must-haves by Head Pastry Chef Miss Chika (who resembled a Japanese Quan Yi Feng) were the Sea Salt Caramel Rolled Cake and Hokkaido Coffee Zenzai.

The former had a soft sponge-like texture layered by caramel, with velvety and mixed fillings with faint sea salt which made an interesting but workable combination.

The little cup of chewy Japanese rice ball soaked in sweet red bean and tinge of coffee could excite taste buds with the bitter-sweet blend. I did think they could up on the caffeine though.

I would imagine patrons being pressurized by a time limit of 60 minutes (80 minutes for dinner) reminded by a baby blue alarm clock. Eating like a glutton, I got into a sugar high very quickly. And somehow everything from the crepes, chiffon, tarts and mousse tasted the same after the 6th piece.

The savouries such as the Japanese Mushroom Spaghetti, Chicken Teriyaki Burger and Takikomi Rice seasoned with dashi and soy sauce worked better for me. The Potato Soup was thick and creamy, with loads of ingredients swimming within. The sweet potatoes, rarely used for western soups, were a clever addition for a gentler taste.

Let’s Sweets, conceptualised by Japan Foods Holding Ltd who brought us Ajisen, Fruit Paradise and Botejyu, looked set to score again with this cosy Western-Japanese dessert place.

My suggestion would be to include Hokkaido ice cream and increase the buffet time. If I could take half an hour to savour a slice cake, surely I need more time indulge in the 40 desserts available.

(Thank you to Mr Takahashi Kenichi and Ms Alix Tay from Japan Foods Holding Ltd for hosting this food tasting session.)

200 Victoria Street #02-49 Bugis Junction Singapore Tel: 6338 0187
Opening Hours: 12.00pm–4.30pm, 5.30pm–10pm

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  1. Let’s sweet is only open at 12noon for lunch. My friends and I arrived at around 11.40am and was told to stand outside to wait till 12noon outside the restaurant as they are still setting up. I will suggest Daniel to update his post to avoid misleading more people.

    Out of the highly recommended desserts, the sea salt caramel roll doesn’t have much taste of sea salt caramel at all.
    The coffee zenzai is good according to my friends who like coffee and the chocolate fondant that was recommended on a newspaper article i read was not available last Friday.
    The crepes were normal.

    For the savoury spread, the potato gratin was so watery, we didn’t know what it was until we checked the label again. We tried three types of pasta in total, two of which are cream based and the mushroom one is pretty good.
    I would not go there again as it’s pretty stressful to eat with a timer counting down and the food and service are not that good. According to the waitress who served us, the manager was too busy to come out to greet my friends and me when we requested to have seats arranged at the waiting queue and was rejected. However, eventually the waitress arranged seats for us.

  2. Yann: Thank you for your sharing. The timings were given to me by Let’s Sweet. I will reflect this to them.

    Foodaholic: I do agree that it is quite rushed. And I do not think it is very healthy. This may work in Japan (where they are used to eating fast), but I have the feeling Singaporeans prefer to have their desserts leisurely.

  3. Hi everyone, there were some recent revisions by Let’s Sweets on their timing (starting from 12:00pm) and pricing (to $15.80++) for lunch. Thank you for checking!

  4. 1 hoour is so rush………….1 hour for savoury and maybe another 1 hour for sweets. We are not japanese that are used to eat so fast. WOW pay for indigestion!!!

  5. Normally a group of my friends and I love to search for a hang out place for desserts BUT gobble down desserts n savoury in 60mins will only be able to eat n not talk. Terrible for the stomach too!! Please reconsider the timing for better business in furure. Thanks 😉

  6. Huh..ONLY 1 HOUR….mean we only can eat n can’t talk or share opinion…what’s the point of paying n can’t enjoy the food or the rest concept in a proper manner as it’s should be???

  7. I agree with the above mentioned …………..gobble down savoury n sweets in 60mins. I am a slow eater then definelty not worth for a try. Not worth paying for indigestion later. Will consider bringing my family if timing changed to 120mins. 😀

  8. Wanted to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but noted the timing of 60 mins. What can we do but only to gobble down the food and had no time to enjoy the good company and the food. It make sense only on weekdays with the rush of the office workers. Come weekends it should be more relex, maybe charged a little higher so that customers could enjoy the lunch.

  9. Yea… what’s the point of gobbling down your food without enjoying it and being able to chat wif yr frens? 🙁 What’s more, eating too fast can cause indigestion and harm yr health D: Should have at least 2h or more…

  10. I went to this place last week for dinner… queueed for more than half an hour then ate the most crappy buffet of my life.
    The clock starts clicking when you start getting your first plate of food. YOU have only an hour. You only have pasta, burger, curry SAUCE rice – no meat, soup. Fried food thats been let there, neglected. Walk up the stairs for drinks. Trust me the drinks were there best deal for me. At least decent. Chocolate fountain had super soft bananas, apples and pineapples – they look rotten. But they will say they are just a little too ripe. The desset array was alright. I will never be back.:(

  11. I agreed with the above comments on the timing issue because I have tried once at a Japanese style restaurant at Vivocity. Wow, really like a hungry ghost swallowing down the delicacy in 80 min. Japanese style of speedy eating is not adaptable to local. We like to eat with relax environment especially those that we paid with extra service tax. An ala-carte menu will be more advisable. To share some point. I have eaten in a food court kind of outlet in Japan which they stationed all the famous bakeries counter. The setting is beautify with nice autumn leaves, very “kawai”. We just need to purchase at the counter and find a table and take our own time to savour down the rich pastries with no service charge. How I wish Singapore will have such a nice dessert food court. Be affordable and good.

  12. I think the buffet is not worth. Just went there recently and the dancing yaki mochi and coffee zenzai was not available. Called and they said they remove dancing yaki mochi because it was too popular. What a lame reason! :@ I will definitely not go back there again! :X

  13. ya I agree that the price cheais very cheap for buffet, but the food is “lauzy”
    i just went there last saturday and found a lot of dessert there, but not nice.
    i will pay more for delicious buffet rather than pay low price.
    I would’t be there anymore unless it have improvement.

  14. Just been there this afternoon… Timing really an issue. We r been rush to finish up everything within an hour even we r last customer, all tables r empty n can’t stay to chat even we dun take anymore food. Variety not much of my favourites. No ice cream~

  15. Was dinning at this place over the weekend. Find the Filippino waiters and waiteresses annoying as they were talking loudly to each other across the room. Apparently no respect for the diners or are they treating this place like a rowdy hawker centre??

  16. Today I had my lunch with my friend, as both of us love Japanese dessert, regardless all the negative remark I had read on this forum. The timer show 50mins instead of 60mins as mentioned. We will checking on savory counter, with 3 type of pizza, fried chicken, 3 types of Omu rice, curry sauce, chicken stew, 2 flavor of pasta (cream and tomatoes, teriyaki burger, with white rice and chicken flavor rice.

    The corn soup is so diluted and the vegetable soup not looking appetizing so had give a miss. The variety of the desserts so limited and do not even taste superb, I bet I can get better cakes in Coffee and bean. The dessert spread is worse than some hotel buffet dessert spread, A lot of desserts shown in this picture are not available, eg the chocolate tart, cameral cream puff, strawberry cake, custard pudding etc A shame to call themselves as Japanese dessert buffet.

    After billing, our conclusion for this place, they just want 1 time patron from the consumer. We will not consider to going back again.

    PS, total agreed with EC, the Filipino waitress and waiter just talking to each other across the room, found quite annoying as not much customer when we go around 12pm.

  17. I went to lets sweets this afternoon with my brother. We are totally disappointed with the foods. The dessert are super lousy, comparing to the normal bakery cake shop, their cake are much more nicer…

    Honestly i will not be there again even they increase the timing.
    For those who plan to visit there, pls reconsider.

  18. those who commented that 60mins are too short, you could actually pay for another 60mins? or maybe you are too ‘cheapo’ to do so, just want cheap and good food ?

  19. Truly Singaporean style! Amazing! Give them cheap buffet and here they are complaining abt the food and 1 hour time limit!

    If they extend the time limit but increase the price, the next thing they complain is so expensive. Give them no time limit they will stay from open till close. Damn Kiasu and Cheopo.

  20. Today when to J8 at bishan saw the japanese buffet and i when in to try it out the food is still ok but the only thing is the time only 60min !!!! overall still ok but the only thing that i saw the chef doing dish washing ? is the MOM rule or NEA rule chef can do dish washing when they are cooking??? i hope the MOM or NEA member will go check it out

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