It was a 45 minute drive from town and a 5 minute walk in (plus signing in at the security counter), all for the sake of seafood with a picturesque view of yachts, amazing sunset and velvet sky.

Galley By The Straits, located within the SAF Yacht Club, is certainly Ulu enough, so remote that a fellow food blogger who stayed in Sembawang did not know of its existence. Do you?

I was recommended by an ex-colleague from Woodlands who said that the view was ‘can-die’, and fish head curry was a ‘must-try’. She was right. At about 7:15pm in the evening, people surged out of the outdoor restaurant armed with their point and shoots. It reminded me of Malaysia’s Kukup, and even my handphone reflected Cellcom instead of M1 occasionally.

This time I was invited for a dinner with other food bloggers. The menu was extremely wide-ranging from Chinese, Western, seafood, BBQ, to grills. Jimmy the Managing Director, who used to be from Country Manna, revealed that he was determined to offer something entirely different after he was given the task to manage this Waterfront Restaurant.

Start your meal with a Seafood Soup in Coconut ($14 each), with a prawn, scallops and mushrooms in a refreshing double-boiled clear soup with a tinge of coconut fragrance. I wished that the coconut had a bigger opening to scoop though.

The other popular appetizer was the Galley’s Smoked Salmon Sashimi ($36), literally a mountain of cold-smoked salmon, fresh tasting enough to slip pass your tongue. The salmon was actually smoked in-house, thus ensuring a consistent quality.

All the 3 times I was here, I had Fish Head Curry, considering I was never a Fish Head person because I liked to eat beautiful things. It was the strong coconut-based gravy which gave it a smooth and creamy textured body and unique aroma. Slightly sweet and not very spicy, good enough to have it on its own.

When spoilt for choice, try the Yuan Yuan Prawn of cereal and wasabi combination ($7/100gm), Pipa Seafood Beancurd ($9), and delicious Black Pepper Crabs. This 8 year old restaurant’s speciality was really in its seafood, with the fresh king giant crispy prawns still fondly appearing in my food memories.

Frankly, the location was inaccessible, menu mind-boggling, and identity and concept mixed. However, with wind breeze, incredible view, sumptuous seafood, and live piano music, Galley by the Straits is really hidden find for that romantic dinner and happy family outing.

(BanBan’s task this month -Restaurants with a View. Do recommend if you have any.)

Galley by the Straits, 43 Admiralty Road West SAF Yacht Club Tel:+65 6491 1388
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm Daily

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  1. Aiyo!!! I missed out this. Now I understand that “SMS” le…lolz… I supposed to attend but ….. 🙁 All the food seems great 🙂 mb i shall drop by one of this day….

    Em… at sembawang side there is another restaurant by the sea known as :-
    Bottle Tree Village
    60 Jalan Mempurong (Sembawang) Click here for Google Maps
    Singapore 759058
    Restaurant : 65 6752-6953

    You heard/try b4?

  2. Hi Ellena, it’s okay. We shall go to an organised food outing soon. Yes, I have been to Bottle Tree Village a few times, although it’s very ulu too. Great place to have zhi char and seafood with many friends and wind down.


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