There are people who go around hunting, and I mean HUNT (ie search, seek, track, chase, pursuit, quest) for the best ramen in this country. A friend said that I would likely fall into this group, and I would like to correct that.

I had already found my favourites in Santouka, Miharu and Ippudo – and the rest was just to size up the competition, plus I don’t usually go back to the same place too often. Ramen, like everything else, is really personal.

And if you were just getting bored with the Tonkotsu, Miso and the Shoyu stock base, this new kid on the block might blow your senses off with Prawn-based soup.

Located at the Parco Millenia Walk, look for the shop with the second longest queue. The longest was Nantsuttei which I chosen not to sacrifice my time for. This was the first overseas store by celebrity ramen chef Keisuke Takeda, known for his shrimp consomme in French restaurants.

Therefore, it would not be surprising that the whole store smelled of shrimp, which had a sweeter aroma than fish.

The Keisuke Prawn Stock Special Ramen (S$19) was their recommended dish. Be ensured of a flavourful tasty stock as it took 300 Amaebi prawns to make 200 bowls. The soup was bitter-salty-sweet, a familiar taste which was a cross between the Singaporean Hei Mee and Lobster Bisque.

You might find the bowl a little empty on its ingredients, with traces of Kombu (from Hidaka) and preserved vegetables, and two halves of a 80% hard-boiled egg taking centrestage. Big surprise – No prawns, only chicken meat. Prawn wantons would be additional cost.

Keisuke Ramen offered very attentive service, bustling atmosphere, elegantly designed bowls and innovative take on the ramen. The ramen needed an acquired taste, and most consumers might just choose the close alternative of a $3 Hei Mee.

Keisuke Ramen, 9 Raffles Boulevard #P3-02 Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk Singapore Tel:+65 6337 7919
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm Daily

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