Maxwell Food Centre had no less than 10 stalls selling porridge in the morning – what? And the stall where you had to wait the longest, the famous Zhen Zhen Porridge.

Some numbers – 30 years of history, 6 chopsticks from the Makansutra Guide, and 35 minutes of waiting. Though there were less than 10 people in the queue. Be prepared to wait up to 45 minutes for your bowl of $2.30 pleasure at 12pm.

The queue was not entirely the reason for the wait, but aunties inside took a painstakingly long time to cut up the ingredients and get orders.

If you liked your porridge thick and dense, cooked with broken grains instead of whole rice, you would feel this pleasurable. Every spoonful of porridge I eaten was full of ingredients, such as chicken meat (or fish slices) and century egg, and other peripherals of spring onion, shallots and chopped preserved vegetables. That made the porridge un-plain and exciting to eat.

It was easily one of the better congees around with its smooth texture and varied constituents. Top it up with fresh yu-sheng for a complete meal.

Delicious, yes. But worth all that queuing in the Maxwell heat, maybe not.

Zhen Zhen Porridge 真真粥品, Maxwell Road #01-54 Maxwell Food Centre Singapore
Opening Hours, Wed–Mon: 5am – 2pm (Closed on Tue)

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