Purple Sage, known for its creative concepts, vibrant set-up and exquisite catered food, had invited me for a Bloggers Night.

This sampling dinner was rather unusual, as it did not comprise of the customary corporate clients and journalists, and was more like a gathering of like-minded friends.

This was another step to demonstrate the caterer’s innovative spirit and dare-to-try attitude.

As how purple would signify the royalty, what was presented was not the standard carbo-loaded catered food, and Purple Sage chose up-market route to delight patrons who clearly wanted more.

Before the course, the bread while looking thoroughly simple, was already a winner with its soft chewy texture, matched with a smooth light butter.

The Wild Mushroom Soup came looking like a cappuccino cup, with frothy foam wrapping the top. It certainly added a layered dimension.

And the mushroom soup was made mildly thinner and level like a dense drink. I welcomed the change, though I suspect this would be really time-consuming for preparation.

The fish course was Poached Barramundi, with Confit frog leg, asparagus, and shimeji mushroom. This was a probably a case of a supporting role being the forerunner over the lead role. The fish and frog each had a distinct taste and feel, and fresh meat and preserved confit could be conflicting and clashing on the buds.

After an intermezzo lemon sherbet, the meat course was a BBQ Short Rib with Tian of Potato with Mushroom Fricassee. The short rib was a crowd-favourite, tenderly delicious and marinated in a rather Asian tasting sauce which gave it an Eastern-French twist. The potato was well-baked and sliced which was a suitable complement.

Being rather experimental, Chef Khng Ming Earn infused vinegar into chocolate as dessert. It was a love-hate relationship, and I personally found it peculiarly individualistic.

My suggestion would be to incorporate the chocolate, with the potato puree and strawberry parfait all into a cup form, and lessen on the vinegar.

This boutique caterer had already been rather well-known to the food industry, last won the “Outstanding Caterer of The Year” at the World Gourmet Summit 2009 and 2010.

As Managing Director of Purple Sage Tony Seow indicated, he had greater heights in his mind, to be the likes of a Fortune 500 company. His strong team had already impressed me with their passion and dedication, and I wish them all the best.

Purple Sage
157 Pandan Loop Singapore 128355
Tel:+65 6396 6990


  1. They have good food presentation… but ok ok only service for such a branded caterer and the food really dont look as good as it taste …


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