Updated: 15 Minutes has ceased operations as of 30 Nov 2012. The following is a message from 15 Minutes to their fans and customers:

“Dear Friends and Fans of 15 Minutes,
It is with a heavy heart that we are bidding farewell to you. Today is the last day of our operations and we are moving out soon. It has been a fantastic and magical three and a half years. We have lived, learnt and laughed much serving you. In little ways, we hope we have created special memories for you.

A big heartfelt Thank You to all who have supported us. Come down today if you like to taste your favourite dish for one last time!

Till our paths cross again,
The 15 Minutes Team “

My original review: There was a huge part of me who does not want to write about this place – Because I did not want other people to know about it! Call me selfish.

15 Minutes should be considered a school canteen, and it puts all the rest to shame.

A place where friends gather around long tables, enjoy good food and listen to indie performances such as ukelele playing – and huge space – does such a place even exist in Singapore? It does!

Gerald wanted to celebrate his birthday and brought a whole bunch of us from Bugis MRT. Of course we complained as it was a very, very long walk. But upon entering the art/music/design café at Laselle, you would feel rejuvenated straight away and wonder why wasn’t your school canteen ever ever like that? If 15 minutes was a person, he would be Jason Mraz, before he got really famous.

The food won’t make you scream, but it was decent. The menu was a wide selection of starters, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, pastas, tapas – and all very affordable prices, like below $9.90 for a linguini.

If you asked me what to recommend, I would say (errr……) Sotong Balls ($4.90 for 10). You might be thinking, “Of ALL these food you ever eaten, come on, Sotong Balls?” Other than the other delicious Southern Fried chicken wings appetizer, the balls arrived piping hot in the basket, juicy on the inside and spurting out salty goodness. School food should be simple and pleasurable.

The other must-try was the Asian Duck Pizza ($11.90) which was a cross between California Pizza’s Kitchen sweet Beijing Duck Pizza and a thin-crust Japanese version. I had a Pepperoni ($9.90), where melting cheese and pepperoni resided on top on home-made crust, begging you to forget about your diet because they tasted so light and fluffy.

The winner had really got to be its ambience which could transport you back to the old school days, minus the embarrassment. 15 minutes would make that chill-out place for the long-delayed class reunion outing.

Co-owner Kelley Cheng said that the seating was purposely made into long benches so that customers could people-watch easily. Sometimes you can catch the occasional star such as Michelle Chia, Adrian Pang and Tan Kheng Hua. The school geek will say, “So cool can?”

(Updated: 15 Minutes has ceased operations)
15 Minutes, 1 McNally Street Blk D, #01-01 LASALLE College of The Arts Tel: 6333 5915
Mon-Sat 11:00am to 11:00pm (closes 12:00am on Friday)

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  1. Agree! I been there twice already and keeping real quiet about it (too)! The sandwiches there are nice and the pizzas are good. Totally agree with the people watching part cos that was what i mostly did when i was there.

    Nice place to chill in the afternoon too.


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