Somewhere within the familiar Supreme Court (aka “The UFO Building”) lays a precious and undiscovered gem, for diners. Few would know the existence of the Academy Bistro, housed on the ground level of the Supreme Court Building.

Just think about it, the people who dine at the Bistro regularly include the Chief Justice, Judges of the High Court, Senior Counsels and lawyers. When faced with diners who have high standard, the Academy Bistro strives to serve only the best to satisfy selective taste buds.

For the usual man on the street, you have to get past both a physical and psychological barrier – First in the form of stringent security checks for metal devices, cameras and recorders. The next is that the restaurant is housed in a formal and classy Supreme Court, and the fellow-diner next to you could very well be lawyers the likes of Subhas Ananadan or Davinder Singh.

Celebrity Chef Jimmy Chok and his culinary team prepares a different menu each week, and recently has gone into buffet lunches priced at an affordable $15+ to appeal to a wider mass.

The following review is based on the Academy Bistro’s French-Asian fusion set lunches.

For starters, you would be given a choice between a salad and soup, both equally noteworthy. The salad was a simple toss of vegetables such as wild rocket and mushroom, drizzled with balsamic and truffle olive oil.

Some of the soups such as the Tomato and Mushroom did not have the usual thick and lumpy texture, and felt like a synergic blend between a thicker ‘western’ potage and a flavourful and watery ‘Chinese’ broth. Some might not be used to thin Mushroom soup topped with spring onions for example, but it worked suitably well for me.

When given a choice between fish and chicken, my choice would usually be the fish, such as a Pan Fried Seabream or Chilean Seabass. When the fish was sliced, you would appreciate the fresh, succulent and bright looking flesh, without the customary fishy smell and taste. I also liked the fact that the dish was complemented with colourful vegetable and roots, while keeping the sauce minimal. You could enjoy the essence of the meat without the need to pound with excessive chilli sauces and ketchup.

The self-taught Chef Jimmy Chok was known for his demands for perfection, straight-faced when preparing his stuff in the kitchen. He saw his food creations as art, aimed to make the best of his ‘materials’. It took me some time to get used to what some might consider as basic and plain, but is a form of distinct and quality craftwork.

The Academy Bistro, 1 Supreme Court Lane GF Supreme Court Tel:+65 6339 2827
Opening Hours: 8.30am to 6pm (Mon – Thurs); 8.30am to 10pm (Fri)

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