With the World Cup season just around the corner, fans who crave for a place for zhi char, drinks and live soccer telecast need not look further.

Comfort Seafood Paradise was named 轻松海鲜馆 because the owner wanted patrons to dine in an easy and relaxed mood. If you come on an airy and starry night, you would appreciate the big patch of green field and a very open concept. No air-con, but very cooling.

This is one of those ulu, unseen, unknown, undiscovered places that Singaporeans love venturing to. The patrons were generally families and group of friends watching their EPL telecast.

It is about a 12-minute walk from Farrer Park MRT, and right next to Pek Kio Community Centre. You might just walk past it thinking it was a school canteen, not discounting that because the restaurant is right next to a private school hostel. It was an experience quite out of the ordinary, a cross between eating at a seaside restaurant and Community Centre mass dinner.

And what was recommended here? The seafood.

The calamari rings were chewy and deep-fried with a crunchy and crusty batter, irresistible matched with a simple mayonnaise sauce.

My favourite dish of the night was a ‘yuan-yang’ prawns, a single dish with two extreme but complimentary flavours. On one side of the plate the deep-fried prawns were tossed sweetish light mayo and fruits, and on the other side sour Thai mango salad. The only difficulty was to decide which side was better!

Other than the prawns, I realised that the chef liked to use a hint of Thai and Vietnamese influence in the dishes, as seen from the Steamed Fish. Steamed on banana leaf, you would also experience a balance of spicy, sweet, and sour with a touch of saltiness in the sauce.

Do I have time to mention about the fish maw soup and crab with claws almost the side of your palm?

Other than having my station’s reunion dinner, I came back to Comfort Seafood Paradise on two other separate occasions. The aunties were still sincere and friendly in their service. The verdict – cool environment, cosy corner, and comforting zhi char.

Comfort Seafood Paradise, 40 Carlisle Road Tel:+65 6292 2177 (Closed)



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