One must take note to dress up more appropriately for this dim sum lunch – it is after all the main Chinese restaurant in the 6* St Regis Hotel.

The impression after walking in was grandeur, with elegant table settings, classy chandelier, luxurious chairs and serving staff dressed in stylishly designed uniforms. There was a congenial East-meets-West synergy in its ambience, and one felt like going back in time to olden Shanghai, especially when there was piped music of Lin Dai’s. The fellow patrons were businessmen, Indonesian tai-tais, Japanese couples and European ladies dressed with pearls and floral. And for once, I felt extremely careful taking out my camera to snap.

Yan Ting was highly recommended by fellow food blogger ladyironchef, which rated this as the best dim sum in Singapore, and repeatedly assured me that it was not that expensive. Food writer Wong Ah Yoke also said that the service was sterling, and I did think the waitresses were rather attentive and polite.

The Char Siew Sou was an exceptional starter to the meal, with crispy fluffy skin adequately lined with sesame seeds and the barbequed pork still retained its moisture within. Yet, the skin does not crumble immediately and easily.

The very basic order for me in any Dim Sum meal is the Siew Mai. The Siew Mai and Har Kao ($5.40 for 3 pieces) were above average in freshness and taste. But I wished there could be more exquisiteness in its presentation, and a more crystal clear skin and crunchier prawns would have helped it secure an edge over others. .

We also had a Soup of the Day, where a tablespoon of the broth sipped slowly was delicate yet condensed with the flavours of pork, herbs and roots. Some soups can be overbearing and salty, but this soup is just natural goodness.

As for an indication of the price, a dish of fried vermicelli noodles was about $16.00, and portions were adequately small, filling two small bowls. My bill came up to about $50 plus, and I pleasantly pleased with a credit card discount.

Yan Ting offers a beautiful environment, excellent service and exquisite food. If price is of concern, come when you want to indulge in feeling rich.

Yan Ting, 29 Tanglin Road The St. Regis Tel:+65 6506 6866
Opening Hours: 11.45am – 3.30pm; 6.00pm – 11.00pm

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