The loud “两位帅哥请” might have made a difference to the dining experience there. These words do not usually work on me, but the serving staff at this branch appeared to be a lot more sincere and earnest (than one other branch). Hah.

I liked the vibes here. Located at a rather ulu part of Bt Timah Yuk Tong Ave, the standalone shop had a more kampong feel in line with the Ipoh essence. And it kept playing those Sandy Lam 伤痕 and Jam Hsiao 新不了情 which would make you hum along while you sipped sweet sweet teh-peng. Quite a suitable place for a budget pa-tuo.

It was 8:45pm and the value-for-money chi in me wanted to order a night snack set which could only be served from 9:00pm. The waiteress was 不行不行 for some time and until I gave in and said I would wait till the clocks strikes nine. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the food was served at 8:55pm. At least they knew how to bend rules for customers.

The fish cocktail were smaller than nugget-size (Compare this with what was presented in the menu.) The food was probably some refrigerated packed fish, quickly thawed and deep fried, but I would not complain.

Coincidentally, my elder brother then mentioned “That Jack Neo never make movies now ah, how, no money?” Then I revealed that the very white coffee he drank contributed to Jack Neo’s pocket.

“Both Jack Neo and Mark Lee the 两位帅哥 are the owners. You mean you didn’t know?”

OldTown White Coffee (Bt Timah), 9 Yuk Tong Ave Tel:+65 6467 4404
Opening Hours: Mon–Thu: 9am – 10pm; Fri–: 9am – 1am; Sat: 8am – 1am; Sun: 8am – 10pm

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  1. Had dinner at Old Town White Coffee, Heeren, weeks ago before movie. I ordered Ipoh Hor Fun and white coffee, my friend ordered curry chicken noodle. If the authentic Ipoh Hor Fun at Ipoh get 10/10, the Old Town White Coffee version will get 4/10. i would rather eat at Lee Tong kee, Chinatown, they have much better Ipoh Hor Fun. The white coffee is as bad… The curry chicken noodle? You can give it a miss. The service was not so attentive and the price is not cheap neither. I don’t think i will visit again.

  2. I must add to this, their speciality is the Ice Cream Toast! I brought my NZ clients and they were so amazed that Singaporeans are so creative that can even add toast with ice cream.. =)

  3. I was disappointed with my breakfast @ old town this morning. The whole lot of us had nasi lemak and white kopi. Heard frm my cousin that it’s not as good as before. She mentioned that the fried chicken is not flavorful enough and of cos not as crispy.

    White Kopi is also not great i find my $5.90 15 sachets Aik Cheong white kopi better! =)

    • I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but I could say that the coffee here is pretty good for it’s price. You can still opt for the Kopi Gao if you’re a strong coffee drinker. (which is at the same price if I’m not wrong)

      I won’t say it’s the best (When it comes to coffee, I would say the Vietnamese people would have done it better) , but at least it deserves better comparison than the instant coffee you can buy anywhere.

      *In addition, I frequent this outlet and I think the service staff is pretty attentive. There’s a manager there that would never fail to greet with you smiles and help you with anything you needed.

      Do give it another try!


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