Repeat the name of the shop three times, and it may sound like you are scolding a very bad word. That’s how some remember this Ramen store. I, call this, the basketball logo noodle shop.

Both branches at Central and Liang Court has long queues, and fans of Marutama would not even give the other competitors Ippudo and Santouka a second taste.

I was kind of perplexed, because chicken-based stock and cheap paper menus do not go well with me. Plus the Aka Ra-men, which is a mild spicy ramen with 7 kinds of group nut mixture with chicken soup, is rather steep at $15.

When I had the Nama Karashi Ra-men twice ($12), it dawned on me that it was not really about the spicy stock or smooth charsiew, but the noodles. It reminded me of the Hong Kong egg noodles, or to some Mamee half its diameter. The thin curly noodles are a class on its own, very unlike the long straight Kyushuu or springy Hokkaido types. And you would probably only get this taste here.

I was told to try the Tori Dango ($5), mildly spicy chicken meatballs which had better tasty sauce than meat.

The highlight of my meal was the deep fried garlic which I lovingly poured over my chicken broth. Now, that’s some extra taste for a light soup. Marutama fans, sorry I’m not a fan, yet.

Marutama Ra-Men, 177 River Valley Road #02-01 Liang Court Tel:+65 68372480
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm Daily

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