The Koi force is formidable. My virgin experience with this drink was at its first branch at Toa Payoh in 2008. And that was THE bubble tea that brought me unforgettable feelings and memories of being in Taiwan again. It was on my Top 10 Food List that Year.

It was not only the smoothness of the milk tea, but the chewiness of the bubbles that none of the local stores can quite replicate. Moreover, there was an option of selecting the sugar level of the milk tea (50% for a healthier choice), which was very ‘Taiwan’.

Koi used to serve mini-pearls or mixed pearls which were my absolute favorites. The different sizes made it more fun to chew and experiment with idiosyncratic eating styles within, but unfortunately they only serve same-sized peals now.

Koi had its humble beginnings as 50嵐, by a Mr馬瑞東 in the Tainan Province in 1994. It quickly gained popularity and expanded to the other regions. 2006 was the life-changing year when it expanded into coffee and when “Koi” was branded to target the trendy and overseas markets.

If you have seen the queues at Toa Payoh, People’s Park, AMK and Marina Parade, you would know that Singaporeans have gone crazy over this. Last week, I dropped by Toa Payoh at 10.00pm on a weekday night, but the branch was crowded with people waiting for their bubble treasures. The good news for Koi fans is, I see one more branch coming up at Illuma.

Koi Cafe, 190A Toa Payoh Central #01-562 Tel: +65 6256 1169
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)

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  1. Heard from a friend that there’s one outlet at Bishan too 😀

    I do enjoy their drinks very much too cuz i could request for 0% sugar. Bubble tea from other places simply taste too sweet for me. And I’m grateful that they have the 750ml large cup, yet they’re not stingy with their chewy pearls. haha..

    And I agree it tasted just like bubble teas in TW!
    Aww.. I missed the good food in night market in tw 🙁

  2. I’ve always had good experiences with the marine parade outlet but my most recent experience with the AMK branch wasn’t good. I ordered my usual green milk tea with 25% sugar but the final product was a very dilute concoction… and I waited 15 mins to get it. 🙁

  3. does anyone knows can KOI be franchised?? Tot of setting up one myself after sick of working for others… hehehe
    Tried my ways to find it from internet but no avail..

  4. Koi’s milk tea is tasty, but now has another Taiwanese tranditional black tea that is “更好喝” you most try it.
    Go here and you will not disappointment.
    Blk 335 Smith street #02-10 China Town

  5. seriously i find it silly to wait for so long for the drink. although i like it as i can choose the sugar level, i don’t think it is that fantastic to wait for so long.

    i will choose to go for another brand “each-a-cup”. although i cannot choose the sugar level for this, i find the sweetness just right for me. also, i find the bubbles more “chewy” than the KOI.

  6. Hi, I’m so interested and looking for running this business as a franchisee of KOI Cafe… I just love the tea.

    I want to know the procedure, fees, and the business system for running this business at Malaysia.

  7. same with so many enthusiats on starting a franchise for Koi bubble tea.. i needed more info on the start-ups, procedure etc in doing this flourishing biz. My objective is Malaysia market, most probably in the Klang Valley, PJ vicinity

  8. hey…me too! count me in about the franchising. there’s no website to check it out. but im into either setting it up on my own or partnership. thanks!

  9. I am from Singapore, but will like to franchise koi in Heart of Bangkok. Already spotted few idea location in BKK, please kindly provide me details if anyone have it.


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